Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War


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    Want to thank ThePivotsXXD for being apart of this video while also helping animate. He's a really dope dude so go show him some love and subscirbe!!

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    SomeThingElseYT hi

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    Hi wanted to be 500th comment

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    SomeThingElseYT I luv u


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    o7n nice

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    You just spoiled it all for me!

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    'You won't understand any thing' amen

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    Bro what you’re talking about is Tony’s arc reactor you should know the name if you know anything about marvel

  10. Thomas Telgenhoff

    Thomas TelgenhoffGiờ trước

    Bro what you’re talking about is Tony’s arc reactor you should know the name if you know anything about marvel

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    I've only watched 3: Infinity War, Cap. Marvel, and Endgame Yes im insane

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    Where do I put fanart-

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    Black widow was introduced in Iron man 2

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    I shall pick adams side

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    But what he hasn’t seen a Marvel movie I think he’s broken also I’ve seen Spiderman far from home

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    Who is watching this after endgame

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    spider man

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    Ok I'm watching this in 2019 leave a like a if you are but the avengers infinity war is not WORTH IT FOR 3HRS LONG ITS BORING ITS ALL ABOUT .... I'm not a spoiler whoever never watched it yet in 2019

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    2:50 Wait so Captain America could be perfectly fine if he snapped the gauntlet cause most of its energy is gamma?!


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    You forgot to that in captin america cap and buki are best freinds

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    My mummy and me love maval and horror movies we got all maval movie's

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    I FREAKIN love the avengers!

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    ricgt after he was talking about how adam uses appropriate words a commertial for a house apperad and the talking lady in the background wasa rrobot

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    I agree with...Mr..........Not Avenger Watcher (I don't know how name) you should do more recaps.

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    So we became a beefy a boy that wears the mask from mask

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    And this is why i went to watch it by myself lol

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    Hah vibranium biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    Purple, Blue, Dark blue, Pink... if u don't no wut im talking about u weren't paying attention and u suck UwU

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    @stormy nice channel

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    I only had to see the end to realise xD

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    Thanos colours

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    Copyright here we come

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    I am nine and I have seen all the movies I stared at three years old

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    Deadpool:am I a joke to you?

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    11:51 :3

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    Adam's f***ing face tho

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    I love low key he’s my favorite avenger

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    That was actually me going into Infinity War and it still managed to emotionally scar me. But now I'm on a Marvel movie spree.

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    Ya know Adam that old man was Stan lee he gets cameos!

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    Wakanda black panther

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    He wasn't jealous he was mad the tony stoped the stark wepons organization business forever and will never reopen.In the hulk when there at the University he wanted to go up to her but when he was walking he saw his ex girls new boyfriend.cap was skinny he was in the super soldier serum the eventually froze until more than a century later.then avengers happen all that stuff then they introduce my favorite grape thanos

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    Saitama would FLICK the hulk about of existence without braking a sweat

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    If i was an adult i would have watched every marvel movie to exist but nooooo im 13 with parents who won't watch anyting not on netflix And this is fricking Aussie netflix with nothing on it!

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    7:21 I died🤣

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    Antman:thiller Gotg:(guardians of the galaxy)thiller Gotg2:thiller Chitari just dying:ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

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    lol the movie that comes out after guardians of the galaxy is avengers age of ultron (google told me that)

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    Guardians of the galaxy= R.I.P Mary Poppins (Yondu)


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    Adam is on tonys side

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    19:15 LANGUAGE!

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    HA LOOK AT MEHE I WILL DO IT WILL 5 sec later I'LL PULL DOWN UR UNDERWHERE Song by adam This is random Endgame SPOILERS I.....AM..........IORN MAN!!!!!!!! Oof

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    When he showed captain America it said Captain America: the FRIST avenger....

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    there are alot of purposely mispelled stuff on there

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    I have to mention..... ERIK SELVIG FROM THOR WAS NOT JANE FOSTER’S DAD. HE WAS HER DAD’S COLLEAGUE!!! sorry. Huge marvel fan. Had to bring that up

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    How is he not 💀 What the stinking Marvel movies

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    The experience 0:58

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    I've seen the iron man movies still I think I missed one or two