Alien missile thing tried to probe me


  1. noodle snake

    noodle snake17 giờ trước

    i eat FRUIT SNAKS

  2. jeppeboe 96

    jeppeboe 96Ngày trước

    Government is just hiding alienz.

  3. Manue 07

    Manue 072 ngày trước

    FBI wants to know your location

  4. Savana Mcfly

    Savana Mcfly3 ngày trước

    I lowkey thought he was drunk or really tired makeing this video lmao

  5. Boris Puljek

    Boris Puljek3 ngày trước


  6. Boris Puljek

    Boris Puljek3 ngày trước


  7. Oliver Ozenich

    Oliver Ozenich4 ngày trước

    Dang aliens. Gosh darn aliens.

  8. jonas

    jonas7 ngày trước

    You was under drugs💊💉🚬

  9. planet RDC

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  10. dark unicorn

    dark unicorn8 ngày trước

    I is alien

  11. *H E L L O* *T H E R E*

    *H E L L O* *T H E R E*10 ngày trước

    "Dont quote me on that." -SomethingelseYT

  12. dark unicorn

    dark unicorn8 ngày trước

    Thank u🍥

  13. Chuma Chizhyuka

    Chuma Chizhyuka11 ngày trước

    Probably the friends you were going to see

  14. HunterEric Martin

    HunterEric Martin11 ngày trước

    rock concert

  15. Brandon Barrale

    Brandon Barrale11 ngày trước

    It all makes sense billy tried probing you

  16. Santi Molina

    Santi Molina14 ngày trước

    BAGEL MAN!!!🍩🍩🍩

  17. phoenix gaming

    phoenix gaming14 ngày trước

    What the HELL !

  18. abdia hibeeboi

    abdia hibeeboi14 ngày trước

    Dad: ok Bybee

  19. Animation Makers

    Animation Makers15 ngày trước

    2:52 And then.... Coachella was born...

  20. weeby the eevee pup

    weeby the eevee pup17 ngày trước

    Are you sure it was a ufo?

  21. Mullens Mullens

    Mullens Mullens18 ngày trước

    2019? Skeleton clique? Frens?

  22. Godzilla lover 911

    Godzilla lover 91119 ngày trước

    U think ur dumb, I'm retarded that's a whole nother leeval

  23. Wolfie Rhett

    Wolfie Rhett19 ngày trước

    Get probed in the butt lol

  24. Denny Farting

    Denny Farting19 ngày trước

    Elon musk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dash

    Dash20 ngày trước

    Me: CLICKBAIT HOW DARE YO- SomethingelseYT: *is "somethingelseYT" Me: oh right he's allowed to do that

  26. muffled gaming

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    He had meth

  27. Pikablue769 Animations

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    This was back when Adam clickbaited

  28. JAJAY’s Channel

    JAJAY’s Channel22 ngày trước

    What if that was a space program and they were having a party in there

  29. Rafael's Gaming Channel

    Rafael's Gaming Channel22 ngày trước

    2019 anyone?

  30. Confusion

    Confusion22 ngày trước

    Here in my car, I feel safest of all

  31. Clonedestroyer

    Clonedestroyer23 ngày trước

    It was the snapping of Thanos there

  32. Tyler Ho

    Tyler Ho23 ngày trước


  33. Mike Zane.

    Mike Zane.24 ngày trước

    seeing the space missile fills you with determination.

  34. Sofia Araujo

    Sofia Araujo24 ngày trước

    Adam orange county is Orlando

  35. Niqui's styles 2.0

    Niqui's styles 2.025 ngày trước

    Aqui es cuando lasanimacaiones de something Else YT se parecian a las de James de Theodd1sout Xd

  36. Cryptotech 1

    Cryptotech 125 ngày trước

    "Time for Adam to say goodbye to this world, and get probed in the butt" - Adam

  37. Ysmael Santos

    Ysmael Santos25 ngày trước

    Who’s here 2019 like if yes

  38. syd a lot

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  39. Ralsei

    Ralsei27 ngày trước

    So idk if this is real but my aunt once claimed to see a strange bright object land on a one of those telephone posts and then immediately leave. then she said she looked on the other side of the road (she was driving) and saw a weird bird-shaped creature wich according to her was very big. It's strange I know

  40. MrMagicMinecraft

    MrMagicMinecraft27 ngày trước

    Stop cursing pls

  41. OofImDeadInside :/

    OofImDeadInside :/27 ngày trước

    Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with this style holy shit

  42. MoshiFoxxi

    MoshiFoxxi25 ngày trước

    OofImDeadInside :/ it’s old style?

  43. Lu Wallis

    Lu Wallis27 ngày trước

    oh my gosh, I remember this.

  44. Timothy Choi

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  45. Dad StopLikingMyComments

    Dad StopLikingMyComments27 ngày trước

    Don't think they would test missiles over large populated cities, they are making up excuses because they already kno we get visitors, they probs coming here to have meeting with our governments haha who knows 🤷‍♀️

  46. Yes.Yes.

    Yes.Yes.27 ngày trước

    ...i dont see any comments about this but... it was a NASA rocket launch thing

  47. Salma Luera

    Salma Luera27 ngày trước

    "Alright so this story is a little creepy-" *Looks at time* it's 11:58 P.M. .... Yeah no, I'll just watch this tomorrow after I sleep xD

  48. Egesen CC

    Egesen CC27 ngày trước

    did u make dis video whit peint

  49. minetod 103

    minetod 10328 ngày trước

    Happy birthday

  50. Isaac Cadieux

    Isaac Cadieux28 ngày trước

    Oh no it's a dying star jk XD

  51. Jess Kroeker

    Jess Kroeker29 ngày trước

    One time during a meteor shower, we all saw what looked like a black meteor with fire around the outside and then we looked closer with our telescope and it kinda looked like a U.F.O and I think that aliens are real because space goes on forever so I think that there is extraterrestrial life out there and on Mars they found and anchent building and also one time I was looking through my telescope and I saw movement on the moon and they found a wall on the moon too

  52. Jess Kroeker

    Jess Kroeker29 ngày trước

    And they found a green glow on Mars

  53. Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamer29 ngày trước

    I saw ufo and I wanted to go to space with them

  54. Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ

    Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ29 ngày trước