Agust D - Burn It (Ft. MAX)

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Track: Burn It (Ft. MAX)
Artist: Agust D
Album: D-2
Release Date: 2020.05.22
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    JULY EGG12 ngày trước

    가사 / Lyrics: I see the ashes falling out your window There’s someone in the mirror that you don’t know And everything was all wrong So burn it till it’s all gone Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah 돌아가 보자고 지난날 나를 파괴하던 시간과 시기 증오 혹은 열등감 한들에게 사로잡힌 삶 성공을 맛본 후 지난 나 그때 와는 뭐가 다른가 글쎄 크게 다르진 않아 태워버리자고 지난 나 가장 깊은 곳 밑바닥까지 남김없이 또 타겠지 불을 붙여 더 불을 붙여 뭐 끝엔 뭐가 또 남을지 I don’t know I don’t know 다 태우고 나면 뭐 재만 남을지도 모르지 아님 그대로일지 I see the ashes falling out your window There’s someone in the mirror that you don’t know And everything was all wrong So burn it till it’s all gone Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah Burn it burn it yeah burn it burn it 가장 깊은 곳의 너를 마주하지 치부 혹은 증오 혐오 분노까지 그것 또한 얼마나 되려 허망한지 어쩌면 그것들은 맞아 신기루 어쩌면 그래 그것들을 빌미로 열정을 강요받는 것은 아닌지 초심이란 단어를 조심하길 바래 don’t be afraid 불을 붙여봐 불을 붙여봐 뭐가 됐든 그래 말야 새꺄 불을 붙여봐 과거의 너 현재의 너 뭐든 좋으니까 새꺄 그래 불을 붙여봐 타오르는 태양이 될는지 아니면은 타고남은 재가 될는지 언제나 선택과 결정은 너의 몫 과감한 포기 또한 용기임을 잊지 말기를 I see the ashes falling out your window There’s someone in the mirror that you don’t know And everything was all wrong So burn it till it’s all gone Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah Yeah yeah yeah burn it 내 안의 소리 Yeah yeah yeah burn it I want it want it want it woah

  2. guadalupe cardoza

    guadalupe cardoza12 ngày trước

    @Damaris Pérez si de verdad nos ases un gran favor ^3^

  3. 그냥_그냥

    그냥_그냥12 ngày trước

    Do you still have the Zip file? Can you please share it too? Cuz I can't download it, can't access the google drives and dropbox files are not found☹️

  4. Chui shinglai

    Chui shinglai12 ngày trước

    Please convey to Suga that he's the Legendary rapper of 21st cen 💕 and sending many jamless loves from far away ! Coz with this Virus ..we're kinda running out of Jam .

  5. Chui shinglai

    Chui shinglai12 ngày trước

    Seeing as how you got hold of this song like a ...rocket speed ! ( you must somehow have a connection with bighit ! So please let me request a favor - if that's at all possible to you of course ! )

  6. [0613]가을

    [0613]가을12 ngày trước

    MAX???가 누구죠?

  7. despoinaly

    despoinaly5 ngày trước

    Bts-Fire/Suga -> Burn it all AgustD2 -> Burn it

  8. ßՇร ΐs༺Mγcͥofͣfͫee༻ Iสᴍ Btร สRmy

    ßՇร ΐs༺Mγcͥofͣfͫee༻ Iสᴍ Btร สRmy5 ngày trước

    Something that i can tell about Min Yoongi and his mixtape is "perfect" All people who already do collab with him is so good💜


    BELIEBER BOY5 ngày trước


  10. Bts_Fan_

    Bts_Fan_6 ngày trước

    Why you are so cool Yoongi? Why you are king? Why you are swag?

  11. Yokes it's Nada

    Yokes it's Nada7 ngày trước

    I came for Max but now I'm starting to slowly fall in love with Yoongi!

  12. Angie

    Angie7 ngày trước

    y’all go to stream on Spotify ,!!!

  13. Takdeer Brar

    Takdeer Brar8 ngày trước

    Does anyone know how to remix songs with other ones? Because I NEED to do this with Outro: Tear

  14. ᴊɪᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏsᴇ

    ᴊɪᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏsᴇ9 ngày trước

    Dang everyone asking who Max is and I’m just sitting here like- “I already knew about him before I even knew about BTS...👀” But his voice and Yoongi’s voice is just * chefs kiss * together. They sound beautiful ❤️❤️😗😗😚😚

  15. Min mina Sabell

    Min mina Sabell9 ngày trước

    Are these songs the official ones?

  16. Taya Weathers

    Taya Weathers9 ngày trước

    Yoongi: yeah yeah yeah yeah burn it Title track: burn it Me: I GOT OUTRO TEAR VIBES

  17. Salma Wilson

    Salma Wilson9 ngày trước

    This song makes me feel like I'm going to jail for arson or a heist.

  18. min sang bae.

    min sang bae.10 ngày trước

    Fire evolved

  19. jungkook is my life

    jungkook is my life10 ngày trước

    i find this max guy cute already and i just know about him since yesterday

  20. Meli Moran

    Meli Moran10 ngày trước

    Oh My god love

  21. Mina

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    🔥🔥que dire de plus.

  23. Jason Dinulos

    Jason Dinulos10 ngày trước

    I thought Suga was gonna say bultaoreune

  24. Claire Marie

    Claire Marie11 ngày trước

    who's max huhu i like his voiceeee

  25. Blckgalmagic

    Blckgalmagic11 ngày trước

    The beat is sooo 🔥🔥

  26. Hikari Doll

    Hikari Doll11 ngày trước

    This song hits all different ways from sunday. Its definitely a masterpiece. I love how he didnt collab with a well off artist, but he found an artist that compliments yoongi's vocals

  27. Bobby Bogi

    Bobby Bogi11 ngày trước


  28. min yankee candle

    min yankee candle11 ngày trước

    Isn’t “yeah yeah burn it” from another song, like *tear* , because I remember sugas part in it....

  29. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor10 ngày trước

    @min yankee candle you said DDAENG but ok :')

  30. min yankee candle

    min yankee candle10 ngày trước

    Lauren Taylor yes that’s what I mean

  31. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor11 ngày trước

    Outro: TEAR

  32. Magie Carpio

    Magie Carpio11 ngày trước

    He really be attacking us. Like dropping this out of the blue. I CANNOT!!!! I'M DEAD! SOMEONE PREPARE MY GRAVE PLEASE! 👑✨

  33. what now

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  34. yoonseok hopega

    yoonseok hopega11 ngày trước

    tremendo joyon

  35. Mina

    Mina11 ngày trước

    Max's vocals + yoongi's rap=ART

  36. Anna Barmar

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  37. Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos

    Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos11 ngày trước

    Esta en definitiva es la mejor y mi favorita del mix uwu

  38. Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos

    Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos11 ngày trước

    No sé quién es pero me encanta uwu

  39. Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos

    Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos11 ngày trước

    Y este otro wey no quien es díganme???

  40. himari riku

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  41. Mawla Makw

    Mawla Makw9 ngày trước

    girl.... king of what lol just shut the fuck up already and stop obsessing over gdragon in bts video this ain't your place.

  42. Plastic Moon

    Plastic Moon11 ngày trước

    This song sounds like a song that plays in the middle of a fight scene xD

  43. himari riku

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  44. Lauren Taylor

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    @himari riku Lol, no one gives a shit about that.

  45. himari riku

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  46. Lauren Taylor

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    And that's relevant to this because-?

  47. Claire Scene Packs

    Claire Scene Packs11 ngày trước

    one of my favorites off this

  48. ShepardCommander

    ShepardCommander11 ngày trước

    The song is actually too short😭

  49. Xo Xo

    Xo Xo11 ngày trước

    I fucking love This song the mix of Max’s voice and yoongi uhhhhhhh

  50. Sara Chan

    Sara Chan11 ngày trước

    But I'm the only that have think of "outro:tear" when Yoongi said "yeah yeah yeah burn it" ?

  51. Shanice Mitchell

    Shanice Mitchell11 ngày trước

    I love this been obsessed since I first heard it, yoongi and max did a good job on this

  52. yoongi.&.esperesso

    yoongi.&.esperesso11 ngày trước

    Pure art

  53. Shellie Turner

    Shellie Turner11 ngày trước

    He was the guy suga /augest d met a few mouths back and now I know they was hitting at their making a song together

  54. lalosh hassan

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  55. Synergist

    Synergist11 ngày trước

    gawd, this song sounds so good from beginning to end

  56. Nosipho Zungu

    Nosipho Zungu11 ngày trước

    my brain: bultaoreune

  57. Mariam Gakheladze

    Mariam Gakheladze11 ngày trước

    Were those lines from Tear?


    MOODYFACE11 ngày trước

    He release an album holy shit

  59. Bailee Smith

    Bailee Smith11 ngày trước

    I just found the lakers picture... Ok but my musical inspiration wearing my sports inspirations jersey... I've gone on overload.

  60. Елена Иванова

    Елена Иванова11 ngày trước

    Юнги сегодня убил полмира. Что значит талантище!!!!

  61. Marisol Gonzalez

    Marisol Gonzalez11 ngày trước

    Max is soso good

  62. Lorraine

    Lorraine11 ngày trước

    KRLLLL PERFEITAAAA amei essa pegada meio rock sla desde o início da msc sabia q ia ter uma pegada de te fazer sentir a pessoa mais f*da do planeta

  63. lia jade

    lia jade11 ngày trước

    I DONT SPEAK KOREAN BUT 이것은 MOUTH에서 너무 좋은 메신저입니다.

  64. MAX

    MAX11 ngày trước

    Thank you guys so much for all the love on my part of on this! An honor to be on the song and a part of this magnificent project. Congrats to my brother yoongi

  65. Bedelli :p

    Bedelli :p9 ngày trước

    You're voice is Amazing

  66. ;;alli Bangtan

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  67. Ange Vacca

    Ange Vacca11 ngày trước

    This song is a WHOLE BOP

  68. Bts vlup4

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  69. Bts vlup4

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  70. Uma TaeKooka Qualquer

    Uma TaeKooka Qualquer11 ngày trước

    i don't know who is Max, but---- wow!!!

  71. yoomi kook

    yoomi kook11 ngày trước

    Did y’all never watch Nickelodeon. MAX was in the movie RAGS and the show HOW TO ROCK. Am I the only one who knew who he was and who watched him when I was a little girl

  72. ssu s

    ssu s11 ngày trước

    영어부분 훅을 포말이 했음 지렸겠단 생각...하지만 포말이 아이돌 믹테 픽쳐링해줄 짬이 아니긴하지..ㅠ 약간 아쉽당

  73. evennini

    evennini11 ngày trước

    idk but I feel like I've heard this song before

  74. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor11 ngày trước

    I'm fairly sure this is the audio Yoongi teased last year and everyone freaked out about. Also, the lyrics are very similar to Outro:TEAR.

  75. juunhee ace

    juunhee ace11 ngày trước

    idk but i think max who sang 'wrong' which its my favorite song i can't believe 😭😭😭😭💖💖

  76. Bangtan_ 4lifeu

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  77. Anni ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ .

    Anni ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ .11 ngày trước

    Como amei ❤🥀

  78. alicia mingo

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    who else is watching this on youtube because they dont have spotify premium

  79. Ji Ji

    Ji Ji11 ngày trước

    Damn these sexy voices

  80. kim ngan

    kim ngan11 ngày trước

    Omg this collab is such a bomb for me. I dont know MAX but the way he sings kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson's style

  81. amai rany

    amai rany11 ngày trước

    i- max's voice 😳😳😳😳😳

  82. Bella C

    Bella C11 ngày trước

    I saw a review for this album online and it pissed me off like if you saw it, you would be too. They were saying very negative things about the album and how this was their least favorite song(yes Ik their fav/least fav is their opinion) but they just kept saying rude things. They were like "oh yeah I love Yoongi but this and this and this". They said it was a disappointing album and ugh, someone just liked the review. I'll post their review here: I've already shown my love for Yoongi in the past, but sadly I can't show the same in this mixtape. D-2 is probably one of the most disappointing records I've heard in a while. The problems I find with Yoongi's previous outings in both BTS and his solo material are so much evident in this whole mixtape. Firstly, the record's tone is all over the place. The cohesiveness between the tracks are messy, the tracklisting could've been better. Second, some of the lyrical content is disappointing, in comparison to Yoongi's previous material. The chorus of "Daechwita" got repetitive easily and some parts in that song are actually somewhat lame. Thirdly, I don't mind Yoongi's vocals when he sings or raps, but boy does it get ruined by autotune. The autotune ruins my seriousness and immersion with some moments during the record and it annoyed me. And lastly, besides the track "People," I feel as if none of the songs are that memorable. I've already listened to the mixtape twice, (which is what I always do before reviewing records) yet I can't recall most of the songs. Nothing struck to me as a standout and nothing really impressed nor surprised me, which is a damn shame. Even the guest artists in this weren't that memorable at all (even RM, honestly). Usually, especially in BTS' recent records, Yoongi brings out some of the most impressive and best parts of their records. In this, I found little to no moments that impressed me. But of course, I found some things to appreciate in this; the production in each and every song in this is actually great, Yoongi's delivery in his verses are *mostly* captivating and entertaining to listen to, and even if his lyrical content in this record isn't his best, and there are a few verses here and there that are actually pretty good and effective (first verse in What do you think?, and last verse of Dear my friend). Despite this, I will continue to support Yoongi and his future decisions in his music career. He has proven in the past that he has talent and that he is capable of making good (and sometimes great) music. I can only hope he realizes his flaws in this record and make a better record next time. ***This was not me, I stg, I am a hardcore Yoongi stan and I literally have no reasons to hate him. This was some random person who I do not know and I wish would just not say such terrible things

  83. Mara Di Nardo

    Mara Di Nardo11 ngày trước

    Honestly this is not hate at all, they said they didn't like this mixstape and expresses their opinions and feelings and still said that they will support yoongi even if they didn't like the mixstape

  84. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor11 ngày trước

    I mean, at least they were professional about it, and not too rude. But still, this album is a fucking masterpiece, and they obviously can't appreciate real art that handles more mature and darker topics.

  85. Shadowcat107

    Shadowcat10711 ngày trước

    Max is a American singer. This is a awesome new song. 💜😆🎤🔥👏🏼💙

  86. Yoonminx

    Yoonminx11 ngày trước

    I live for the "yea yea"

  87. amaijoon xo

    amaijoon xo11 ngày trước

    MAX was my childhood 😭 he was on nickelodeon.

  88. multifandom trash

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  89. edenjo shades

    edenjo shades11 ngày trước

    This gives me REAL STRONG Tony Montana vibes!!!

  90. Moe Agtp

    Moe Agtp11 ngày trước

    Im freaking out. Please tell this is all normal.

  91. Jungkook affirmations

    Jungkook affirmations11 ngày trước

    Oh dios mío esto es

  92. Chimmy Baby mochi

    Chimmy Baby mochi11 ngày trước

    Who’s max-

  93. Kim NamJams

    Kim NamJams11 ngày trước

    issa bop

  94. Isabela Ferreira Camargo

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    Someone : How many collabs you want? Meow : Yes (I know that is a old joke😂Sorry)

  95. Marian.

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  96. Emmie Senpai

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    bro we’ve been so blessed by our king-