A Comic I Made In The Third Grade


  1. Lucha Gonzales

    Lucha Gonzales9 tháng trước

    Adam you are one fine piece of ass

  2. Alejandro Flores-rosales

    Alejandro Flores-rosales3 ngày trước

    P\ P \

  3. Patryck

    Patryck5 ngày trước

    Hey its watching you.........

  4. Kricket Coffee

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    sSelloutSs I will donate because I feel bad for you

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  6. Luisa Estevez

    Luisa Estevez3 giờ trước

    Heyyyyyyyyy adammmmmmmmmmm

  7. Mark Godfrey

    Mark Godfrey3 giờ trước

    my comic was about squid man aka my spiderman

  8. harry liang

    harry liang3 giờ trước

    Books Will be next: FireBoy The return Fireboy 2: Return Of bully FireBoy 3: Villan Strikes Fireboy: NightMare Of Fight FireBoy Vs Godzilla FireBoy The Past FireBoy Future FireBoy Vs IceGirl Legend Of FireBoy FireBoy: Legend Strikes Back Fireboy 4: Space Fight Fireboy 5: All Villan Has strike back Fireboy Secret Fight FireBoy Vs Alien FireBoy 6: Final Fight Space Fireboy 7: Day of The end earth Fireboy Defeat The end FireBoy R.I.P Been a good guy And save the day

  9. Luisa Jimenez

    Luisa Jimenez4 giờ trước

    That guitar in the backround is called a gibson les paul guitar....MY FAVORITE

  10. gachawolf83 munoz

    gachawolf83 munoz4 giờ trước

    I'm gonna be in 3rd grade!

  11. Gmk Draws

    Gmk Draws12 giờ trước

    Is it weird that I fantasize about dating the Common Sense character?? Yes ok I will go bury myself in a hole lol

  12. Gmk Draws

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  13. Sawyer Allen

    Sawyer Allen13 giờ trước

    That sounds like fire storm from dc did dc steal his idea

  14. Luke Witte

    Luke Witte21 giờ trước

    Disney is already getting the money to buy it

  15. Shaylee Bratsch

    Shaylee Bratsch22 giờ trước

    BEST FREAKIN COMIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. lizzy N

    lizzy NNgày trước

    what do you use to make your videos?

  17. m1thicalSunrise

    m1thicalSunriseNgày trước

    Legends say fire boy never told his parents

  18. Juan Leon

    Juan LeonNgày trước

    Hey um I like your content a lot and hey this a joke hey when your lazy and Make this

  19. PhoneGuy46

    PhoneGuy46Ngày trước

    I did a flip o Rama when I was little(not that I copy him)

  20. Mr. Marsbar

    Mr. MarsbarNgày trước

    0:01 jack

  21. CutieBanana

    CutieBanana2 ngày trước

    ᑭᑌT ᗩᑎ ᖴ Iᑎ Tᕼᗴ ᑕᕼᗩT ᖴOᖇ ᗩᗪᗩᗰ ᴏᴏғ♡★✞

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    Each like gets a 👏 👏

  23. historic panda /GalacticSpaceChild

    historic panda /GalacticSpaceChild2 ngày trước

    Haha the pictures of you and james made me laugh

  24. Bluekid4209

    Bluekid42093 ngày trước

    He predicted the scene from Captain underpants

  25. Rainbow Cat

    Rainbow Cat3 ngày trước

    Wow When I was nine I Was drawing anime

  26. xxTypicalTulipxx

    xxTypicalTulipxx3 ngày trước

    FireBoy is Le epic

  27. Kalel 0822

    Kalel 08223 ngày trước

    Well................. after wacthing this i have to tell peolke I MADE LOADS OF COMICS WHEN I WAS 3RD GRADE!

  28. Amanda Lindsay

    Amanda Lindsay3 ngày trước

    Ah oh!

  29. xlan_ YT

    xlan_ YT3 ngày trước

    Hey that is likea mad city roblox

  30. Shaday Chamberlain

    Shaday Chamberlain3 ngày trước

    I live in South Australia/Adelaide

  31. Nora Andersson

    Nora Andersson4 ngày trước

    Haha im live in sweden😂😂

  32. BlueLeader 275

    BlueLeader 2754 ngày trước

    Little did you know theta in Sweden Everyone is reading it.

  33. Ying the Eevee

    Ying the Eevee4 ngày trước

    my little brother read captain underpants YES I REMEMBER FLIP O RAMA OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD XD

  34. Melissa's YouTube Play 2017

    Melissa's YouTube Play 20175 ngày trước


  35. expensive eggs 34

    expensive eggs 345 ngày trước

    skraaa t of the morning to ya dudes

  36. MeganThe_ Cat

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  37. Shelby Jean Conner

    Shelby Jean Conner6 ngày trước

    you should make a video of you going back and looking at your old art cuz not trying to be mean but it was kind of bad

  38. burrito gacha

    burrito gacha6 ngày trước

    Your hand writing was so much better then mine in 3rd grade. My handwriting in 3rd: HeLlO i Am A bUrRiTo. 😤 what was I exactly lol

  39. Craig Middler

    Craig Middler6 ngày trước

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this was influenced by Spiderman

  40. Cupcake Studios

    Cupcake Studios6 ngày trước

    Third graders imaginations are the best! When I was a third grader I began a series of DREAMS, that’s the best part, I thought dreams were made by other people and I just had them at the time, I know better now, but anyway the dream series lasted until fifth grade and I only remember the first and last ones, but the overall thing was, I’m alone at school for some reason or other, I, by some strange means of transit, am in Lord Voldemort’s secret volcano lair, I fight him, I somehow win, the end.

  41. banana96 hell

    banana96 hell6 ngày trước

    my science teacher is named Allison Ortiz :/

  42. ItsMad Lad

    ItsMad Lad6 ngày trước

    Someone actually bought this. They are a business genius.

  43. Draco Dragon

    Draco Dragon6 ngày trước

    llol WE MADE COMICS IN 3rd grade myn ho is biil cipher vs illuminati XXDDD

  44. Green Catcruiser

    Green Catcruiser6 ngày trước

    i feel bad for koffing cuz he said he hated him

  45. Initial 1890

    Initial 18907 ngày trước

    In the thumbnail i thought i thoughy it said free boy

  46. Luna_playz_yt

    Luna_playz_yt7 ngày trước

    If you were my dad i would be so attached

  47. Roblox 4days

    Roblox 4days8 ngày trước

    HOLY SHIT! I wrote a comic where a teenage finds a mystical crystal, touches it, and becomes the worlds greatest superhero....Mighty Man!

  48. Avagamer 18

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  50. Vita Ville

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    OMG Ortiz is also my last name :0

  51. dat one papyrus boi

    dat one papyrus boi9 ngày trước

    0:46 koffing : I aM OffEndEd.

  52. Holli Bucher

    Holli Bucher9 ngày trước

    My new goal in life is to buy little kids mass made creations (like your comic book) online now xD Maybe it'll give them hope

  53. I is cartoonist

    I is cartoonist9 ngày trước


  54. The Last Fight

    The Last Fight10 ngày trước

    He knew what was gonna happen so he put metal on...fire melts.. Metal