$600 GAMING PC BUILD | Tech a Seat (2016)


  1. Aninna Espinosa

    Aninna Espinosa6 ngày trước

    wow coolio 😂😂💞💞 love u nerd 😂😂💞

  2. The GuitArtist

    The GuitArtist23 ngày trước

    Everytime he said motherboard i keep remembering the video of james childhood without cable

  3. Bobby Ross

    Bobby Ross29 ngày trước

    Thx that helps

  4. Luke Draper

    Luke DraperTháng trước

    Now 70 dollars can get you a terabyte in SSD. Old PC videos are an interesting piece of history to me.

  5. I'm Fire

    I'm FireTháng trước

    Adam tech!

  6. XxDJWolfsta xX

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  7. TheFortniteDiamondFilms

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    666 likes BTW

  8. Pokemon master Ory

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    Least pop vid

  9. Ryan's Random Shop

    Ryan's Random Shop2 tháng trước

    You should do a colab with a tech VIgosr and animate the build video or something

  10. Kean Rein

    Kean Rein2 tháng trước

    No Undertale music were harmed in this video.

  11. Duck Goes Quack

    Duck Goes Quack3 tháng trước

    what is that cable management?

  12. Hampoon

    Hampoon3 tháng trước

    As someone who loves tech, this is a great most unpopular video.

  13. Duck Goes Quack

    Duck Goes Quack3 tháng trước

    its not that great of a video :l

  14. Rayangaming65

    Rayangaming653 tháng trước

    2019 anyone? probably not

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  20. A Trash Panda

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    His least popular video is still good

  21. Iisaa Zombie

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  22. Noob gamer

    Noob gamer3 tháng trước

    Ik lul

  23. Krishi Animations

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    Omg 18k views this is weird for Adam

  24. Fallout Fanbase

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    Epic pc

  25. mlgmike147 dwsfaqfc

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    Well this is his least popular video

  26. Bobby Ross

    Bobby Ross29 ngày trước

    Most people don't understand it

  27. BlueHalf

    BlueHalf5 tháng trước

    The front and back of the PC case look exactly like mine : Edit, maybe the left is like mine but the right is clear and mine is not

  28. Gettriggered Gaming

    Gettriggered Gaming6 tháng trước

    an fx processor? BOI

  29. Bio Caleb

    Bio Caleb6 tháng trước

    I'd have ended up in RMA hell since I have a crippling addiction to buying used parts regardless of their potential condition. My PNY GTX 1060 3GB has one fan dead and one running at full speed at all times when the system is awake

  30. Matias Ruiz

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  31. Oridons

    Oridons6 tháng trước

    Hurr durr, upgrade to Ryzen D:< Seriously though, your component choice remains good even today. As you mentioned, you can upgrade the CPU if it starts bottlenecking the whole rig, though I doubt bringing 2 more cores will help much while gaming. One the other hand, if you use this computer to edit your videos, then the more cores the better. Some editing softwares could take advantage of your graphics card as well to render way faster, but I can't say which ones have this feature.

  32. Duck Goes Quack

    Duck Goes Quack3 tháng trước

    well 8 cores would do better than 6 cores in games like csgo and dota 2 but your right other than that.

  33. AryanSinghid

    AryanSinghid6 tháng trước

    Still gud yeiy oof

  34. The GuitArtist

    The GuitArtist7 tháng trước

    Is the mother board the same mother board that james talked about in his video, because if it is james is trying to find her

  35. TylerANAMATICS

    TylerANAMATICS10 tháng trước

    Are you’re videos getting re uploaded?

  36. Tristan

    Tristan10 tháng trước

    0.00 a legend was born

  37. S Hart

    S HartNăm trước

    I don’t know what the heck is going on. I only showed up bc Adam looks cute here lmao

  38. Leaf Truft

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    Come on peoples 9 more likes to get 420 likes, yee :D

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    This video is the least viewed

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    JADEKHANA B3 tháng trước

    Grumpy Dark Candy Apple No 2019.....!?

  44. David Lauck

    David LauckNăm trước

    oh no man you put a low end cpu with a mid end gpu, even an i5 2400 out did that cpu at the time even if it's a quad core

  45. GoldFate

    GoldFateNăm trước

    Yes.... I hate it when these people who don't have much knowledge bout PC building think the product with the higher numbers in the specs is better

  46. Bryce Johnson

    Bryce JohnsonNăm trước

    This reminded me that I found you after not watching for a while on LinusTechTips lol

  47. Thomas Meyer

    Thomas MeyerNăm trước

    You have a really small mouth

  48. F0x Birdman

    F0x BirdmanNăm trước

    Cool video!

  49. Heck

    HeckNăm trước

    Is a game capture card necessary for building a computer? does anyone know?

  50. Duck Goes Quack

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  51. ImInquired

    ImInquiredNăm trước

    Lego Robloxguy no, unless you are planning on streaming a capture card is useless

  52. LordFuckwad

    LordFuckwadNăm trước

    Hey adam awesome video :D , is it 64 bit or 32 bit?

  53. sub2pewds

    sub2pewdsNăm trước

    SPACEPICKLE 64 everything after 2004 is 64 bit and every phone after 2013 is 64 bit.

  54. samuel second

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  55. samuel second

    samuel secondNăm trước

    LEGO Dragon it still depresses me that you spell checked a comment clearly made as a joke

  56. Alias_Unknown

    Alias_UnknownNăm trước

    +ironbrew kid I used to have this name when I made Stop motions but I stopped

  57. samuel second

    samuel secondNăm trước

    LEGO Dragon you know youve hit a new low when an ironic comment gets spell checked by someone who has lego in their name

  58. Alias_Unknown

    Alias_UnknownNăm trước

    +ironbrew kid *friend, *graphics, and * know

  59. GeekyGirl

    GeekyGirlNăm trước

    Adam's kinda hot haha.. Love the video.

  60. Juan Castaneda

    Juan CastanedaNăm trước

    If you're building a gaming pc, you don't need to list a Wi-Fi adapter. If you are gaming you have to have a wired connection(ethernet) cause Wi-Fi isn't stable per say.

  61. Fortune S

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  62. G.O.A.T Greatest of All Time

    G.O.A.T Greatest of All Time2 năm trước

    OMG you look and sound like markiplier


    ARCHIMEDES2 năm trước

    made a tech video check does animation check likes art in both drawing and check you are my life

  64. Bread Daily

    Bread Daily2 năm trước

    This is actually how much I'm saving up for a pc :D

  65. Joel Arsenault

    Joel Arsenault2 năm trước

    oh hi Markipliers younger brothers

  66. Monica Boyd

    Monica Boyd18 ngày trước

    Or probably twin brother

  67. A randombOi

    A randombOiTháng trước

    is he?

  68. Iisaa Zombie

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  69. Nathe is Playing

    Nathe is Playing7 tháng trước

    Hahahahha yeah.

  70. Hardin Origins

    Hardin Origins2 năm trước

    WoW i payed over 700$ for my computer and its not that good. It only haves 4 dual core processors... 1TB HDD, 8gb ram. Cant remember the graphic card i think it was intel core or something but it was an I7. but its powerful but nowhere near as you. Its a dell and it is a really good computer but wow...yours is better

  71. Duck Goes Quack

    Duck Goes Quack3 tháng trước

    1 i7 is not a gpu, its a cpu. 2 that is a prebuilt, no wonder

  72. HappyCabbage

    HappyCabbage2 năm trước

    Hardin Origins my $900 gaming pc is GTX 1080 6GB Ryzen 1600x 1tb hard drive 500w power supply Gigabyte atx motherboard master box 5 case Windows 10 Wraith cpu cooler 16GB ram

  73. Infinite Life

    Infinite Life2 năm trước

    Um a graphics card isnt an i7

  74. Gabriel Abascal

    Gabriel Abascal2 năm trước

    This was somethingelse...... hahaha :(