50 People Try to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Epicurious

Grilled cheeses are that after school snack that so many of us grew up with, but what makes a truly perfect grilled cheese? And what kind of cheese is the absolute best? And what kind of bread?! Watch as 50 people attempt to make a melty, buttery, crispy grilled cheese!
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50 People Try to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Epicurious


  1. BeastMaster 69

    BeastMaster 6910 giờ trước

    1:08 tf he dont know difference between olive oil and butter

  2. Roob Trulso

    Roob Trulso20 giờ trước

    They should have done a reverse grilled cheese

  3. Bryan

    BryanNgày trước

    Is that Rusty Ward of ScienceFriction?

  4. Toncita

    ToncitaNgày trước

    The dude said it adss kenetic energy to the meal 😂

  5. FPG17

    FPG17Ngày trước

    thanks for the vid , i think my brother do the worst

  6. emm a

    emm aNgày trước

    I feel like you get more diagonally

  7. Antares

    AntaresNgày trước

    this video is such an ego booster

  8. Sad_ Rod_Official

    Sad_ Rod_OfficialNgày trước

    I need to know who the “maybe some munster” girl is

  9. Max Hansen

    Max Hansen2 ngày trước

    Imagine going into work to make “professional grilled cheese” lol

  10. jakob devlin

    jakob devlin2 ngày trước

    "Cheese is not cheese unless it comes in cellophane" *cries in french*

  11. Bonni Rácz

    Bonni Rácz2 ngày trước

    In the Netherlands, almost everybody has a special device for grilled cheese. It's delicious!

  12. Ishanvi Verma

    Ishanvi Verma2 ngày trước

    I have some doubts, *HOW DO HALF OF AMERICANS EVEN SURVIVE*, sincerely every foreigner

  13. Alexis Bernal

    Alexis Bernal2 ngày trước

    the guy who just slapped a slice on cheese onto the pan is definitely acting. there's no way that was genuine LOL

  14. Joe Farnen

    Joe FarnenNgày trước

    I really hope it wasnt lol.

  15. Rohan

    Rohan3 ngày trước

    You always cut it on the diagonal. It's easier to put a corner of the triangle into your mouth, and you don't get the butter all over your beard (or face). Haven''t you people watched Rhett & Link's Buddy System (s2e4)?

  16. maria

    maria3 ngày trước

    my dude thought butter is liquid at room temp,,,,, "if this is olive oil" BOY do I have news for you! :)

  17. Stana Milanovich

    Stana Milanovich3 ngày trước

    WHY is everyone smooshing their bread?! Do you hate your bread?! Do you want it to have the form and taste of a playing card?? The bread has done nothing to you. Leave it alone! The only reason to do this is to see the cheese run out the side as a kind of doneness test -- and it's not a good test! Stop doing it!

  18. brooke

    brooke3 ngày trước

    disappointed in the last guy for not using sourdough.

  19. Sarah Le

    Sarah Le3 ngày trước

    2:31 okay . I really believe this guy is a physic teacher lol :V

  20. Awa

    Awa4 ngày trước

    Me, a person who has never made grilled cheese because I've absolutely hated cheese my whole life: Wtf are you doing that's not how you do it

  21. Justin Loja

    Justin Loja4 ngày trước

    *the name is the recipe u morons*

  22. Michael Charron

    Michael Charron4 ngày trước

    This can't be real. Please.

  23. Conner Rathbun

    Conner Rathbun4 ngày trước

    Just imagine putting just cheese on a pan then putting it on bread calling it grilled cheese

  24. Ammar Afaq

    Ammar Afaq4 ngày trước

    Who's the girl at 0:00 ?

  25. Nofil Jawed

    Nofil Jawed4 ngày trước

    Ammar Afaq mine

  26. Nabil Hamchi

    Nabil Hamchi5 ngày trước

    i am going to trust SEO on this one hehehe

  27. todd vincy

    todd vincy5 ngày trước

    that CURLY GIRL😍

  28. Ngoc Minh Pham

    Ngoc Minh Pham5 ngày trước

    Idk man while all these people are struggling to flip i use chopsticks...

  29. fedos

    fedos5 ngày trước

    Me, coming from the poached egg video: At least they all know what grilled cheese is. Guy puts slice of cheese directly in pan.

  30. Sebastian

    Sebastian6 ngày trước

    Grilled cheese can be made delicious AND much more healthy at home! Unhealthy message for a chef to send

  31. Sebastian

    Sebastian6 ngày trước

    The yellow "cheese" in the video IS NOT CHEESE

  32. Sebastian

    Sebastian6 ngày trước

    The professional chef is an idiot right here. A grilled cheese can be made from any kind of bread you want, that's the whole pleasure of cooking at home. He didn't address the "cheddar", which in my experience is a very hard cheese, extremely heavy and thick when melting. What it looks like they are using in this video is "imitation-" or "processed cheese food", the difference being it is not real cheese, and therefore it is not allowed to call this product cheese at all, on the package. this cheese can be recognized by its soft, rubbery texture. Its cheap to make and buy, but its filled with salt, fats, and FOOD COLORING, a legitimate imitation product. YES it contains cheese, NO it is IN NO WAY, cheese. In fact, when he speaks about the cheese, it looks like he doesn't even himself believe in what hes talking about. you can see that he's looking down and to the right, with darting eyes, which is a classic psychological tell that you believe you're being dishonest.

  33. Ekku

    Ekku8 ngày trước

    My 10 year old sister could do better

  34. Banana smoothie

    Banana smoothie8 ngày trước

    Please tell me they're paying some of these people to play dumb

  35. Erik Maya

    Erik Maya8 ngày trước


  36. B r i n s t i

    B r i n s t i8 ngày trước

    Kinetic energy 😂

  37. Baptized Man

    Baptized Man9 ngày trước

    this is kinda sad, america is great

  38. ObamaCare

    ObamaCare10 ngày trước

    Reading the comments makes this video so much funnier

  39. Kushal Parajuli

    Kushal Parajuli10 ngày trước

    "Adds kinetic energy" Newton is proud of you.

  40. Jeffrey Day

    Jeffrey Day10 ngày trước

    Proving once again..men's are idiots.

  41. Krypto

    Krypto11 ngày trước

    Who puts mayo on the bread 🤢

  42. Outcast8o5

    Outcast8o511 ngày trước

    Anyone who wants to make a grilled cheese at home, use butter instead of oil because the bread soaks up the oil like a sponge

  43. Zichoria

    Zichoria11 ngày trước

    diagonal cut = best cut!

  44. Jeremy Ovalles

    Jeremy Ovalles11 ngày trước

    I lost all hope in these people

  45. eryk mocniak

    eryk mocniak12 ngày trước

    How can you think olive oil is butter. Do you live under a rock

  46. Bating Bolan

    Bating Bolan12 ngày trước

    Bra I am 13 and I cook better than that

  47. Glas Breker

    Glas Breker12 ngày trước

    1:33 do a neck reveal pleas

  48. VoltZ  VR

    VoltZ VR12 ngày trước

    If you cut your sandwiches down the middle into rectangles then you are a monster... - This post was made by Triangle Gang.

  49. Meylithh

    Meylithh12 ngày trước

    I cant name orange cheese , cheese whuuuugh

  50. Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Lulu Seatown Getdown12 ngày trước

    Condé Nast Channel that roasts people. Love it. Y’all bring back the guy that put the cheddar in the pan, or I’ll riot. HE IS YOUR AUDIENCE

  51. cilxz

    cilxz13 ngày trước

    2:29 Kinetic energy 😂😂😂😂

  52. Baatile Kgosiemang

    Baatile Kgosiemang13 ngày trước

    That lady with the glasses and a pink always knows what she is doing...

  53. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross13 ngày trước

    Bro I’ve been A pro at grilled cheese maker sense I was 7

  54. that awkward kid

    that awkward kid13 ngày trước

    In the words of Gordon Ramsay, *the name is the recipe you *****

  55. Cory A

    Cory A13 ngày trước

    The dude who put 3 different cheeses on his is on a whole other level

  56. jens heidar

    jens heidar14 ngày trước

    Just don't cut it

  57. None Of your business

    None Of your business14 ngày trước

    Gordon Ramsey wannabe

  58. Richard Cheese

    Richard Cheese15 ngày trước

    how do half of these people put pants on in the morning?

  59. Andrew

    Andrew15 ngày trước

    I don't mind if a sandwich is cut diagonally or straight, but those people that cut them vertically straight deserve a special place in hell.

  60. AC - 07MR - Tomken Road MS (1153)

    AC - 07MR - Tomken Road MS (1153)15 ngày trước

    I am like 12 years old and I can make a better grilled cheeses then adults I am surprised as much as when I saw the guys put cheese on the fricken pan

  61. Paco

    Paco15 ngày trước

    No wonder fast food chains are thriving in the US

  62. microwawed doggo

    microwawed doggo15 ngày trước

    i feel like they will fail drinking water