50 People Try to Crack a Walnut | Epicurious

What is the best way to crack a walnut open? A nutcracker? A hammer? A knife? Your fingers? Watch as 50 people attempt to crack, smash and open a delicious walnut.
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50 People Try to Crack a Walnut | Epicurious


  1. Jaker San

    Jaker San8 giờ trước

    If y’all fell like your stupid just remember these people

  2. meghanlee8

    meghanlee8Ngày trước

    OMG! These are grown adult and they don't known what a walnut is!

  3. Shamz

    Shamz2 ngày trước

    The one who smashed something and then bowed is funny

  4. Arnošt Matějka

    Arnošt Matějka2 ngày trước

    Amazing, really that way? And the explanation on the end... nutcracker is correct way, even to hit it with the hammer or broke it in fist is more reliable than spatchula or screwdirver!! If you going to do it on approx. 50kg of hard rock walnuts every winter you would lose your hands without doing it correctly.

  5. Read more

    Read more2 ngày trước

    3:17 moms are badass

  6. Respect the Drip karen

    Respect the Drip karen2 ngày trước

    Im 13 and i already knew that it was a walnut.

  7. Manisha Devkota

    Manisha Devkota3 ngày trước

    Americans are really stupid🙄

  8. Just an alien with internet access

    Just an alien with internet access3 ngày trước

    Like they're adults and they don't know what a walnut is. I'm 12 and i know what a walnut is

  9. Rasmus Faber Nørgaard

    Rasmus Faber Nørgaard4 ngày trước

    These videos make me miss natural evolution...

  10. Rasmus Faber Nørgaard

    Rasmus Faber Nørgaard4 ngày trước

    Do Americans seriously not know how walnuts look?

  11. Tony Garcia

    Tony Garcia4 ngày trước

    0:17 idiot

  12. hcneyfan :3

    hcneyfan :34 ngày trước

    Im 13- and ive known since I was 5 how to crack a walnut-

  13. Sarshar sajid

    Sarshar sajid5 ngày trước

    Dude I put my walnut in between a door and end close the door its easy

  14. ME Dibble

    ME Dibble5 ngày trước

    put 2 walnuts in your hand a crush them or between a cloth and gently tap it to split the seam of the nut do not use a screwdriver it can easily slip and you will impale yourself with it

  15. Ritesh Rajbhandari

    Ritesh Rajbhandari5 ngày trước

    These videos do a really good job of making me feel better about myself

  16. Stephen Fisher

    Stephen Fisher5 ngày trước

    How do you not know the difference between walnuts and almonds, and you can literally just crack 2 in your hands so easily.

  17. rmdebora

    rmdebora6 ngày trước

    Can´t belive there are so many useless people in the kichen like this:S.

  18. Elaine Evans

    Elaine Evans6 ngày trước

    Contest is... be smarter than a walnut shell.

  19. B Sadi

    B Sadi6 ngày trước

    Id be surprised if u had a nutcracker but not a single spatula or screwdriver at your place.

  20. TheBlueArcher

    TheBlueArcher7 ngày trước

    3:17 That's the way I recently started doing it too! it's so much more convenient than trying to find a tool. The problem is when you're on the last one ... =(

  21. Mercurial Pierrot

    Mercurial Pierrot8 ngày trước

    Did that guy just lockpick a walnut?...😲

  22. Sadaf Niazi

    Sadaf Niazi9 ngày trước

    HOW do these people not know that they are walnuts?!?!

  23. Shepherd Sam

    Shepherd Sam10 ngày trước

    1:38 well yeah, that nut is dead, you can stop now

  24. cohariekid 13

    cohariekid 1311 ngày trước

    take two smash against ur handd and u got a cracked walnut

  25. slipee toads

    slipee toads11 ngày trước


  26. Nokito Sembrano

    Nokito Sembrano11 ngày trước

    that dude who used a screw driver at 1:07 HAHAHAHA

  27. Dante Colmenares

    Dante Colmenares11 ngày trước

    I always crush them by hand just cuz it’s the easiest way for me

  28. Just Abdillah

    Just Abdillah12 ngày trước

    Why are you opening the walnut? Tell us, where is the lamb sauce...!! . . Oh sorry, wrong ramsey

  29. Adriël.

    Adriël.12 ngày trước

    my man has bust a nut with only his hand

  30. K A L

    K A L12 ngày trước

    I was nine when u learned how to crack one. Im so lucky im just a bit of american. Geez

  31. poopoo 69

    poopoo 6913 ngày trước

    These people are legit the most dumbest actors

  32. Shazeb Siddique

    Shazeb Siddique15 ngày trước

    Did my guy say it was a “date” 😂😂😂

  33. ritwik sharma

    ritwik sharma16 ngày trước

    These are first world countries issues ..

  34. Ari

    Ari16 ngày trước

    When I was younger there was a walnut tree at the playground near my school. Every recess I would go outside, grab the walnut fruit off the ground, and just go ham trying to break it open Watching these people trying to open walnuts reminds me of childhood

  35. ExeKuTioN Cro

    ExeKuTioN Cro17 ngày trước

    Im from a small village in Croatia and my Father and my Grandfather could open them with one hand nowadays nobody can do that lol 3:20 ah yes the old generation, but he used two :p

  36. Alexander pentz

    Alexander pentz20 ngày trước

    People are so Ridiculous

  37. Jovana Pekić

    Jovana Pekić21 ngày trước

    If they cant crack a walnut they are literally incapable of living ffs

  38. Brian Kipkenei

    Brian Kipkenei21 ngày trước

    How did the pink shirt guy end up in thr wrong side of this video?


    KOORI BOY21 ngày trước

    "I don't know my nuts"

  40. Avien Crow

    Avien Crow21 ngày trước

    Everyone identify your nuts me dying at the girl who asked if they’re pistachios