50 People Try to Crack a Walnut | Epicurious

What is the best way to crack a walnut open? A nutcracker? A hammer? A knife? Your fingers? Watch as 50 people attempt to crack, smash and open a delicious walnut.
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50 People Try to Crack a Walnut | Epicurious


  1. bryce hall

    bryce hallNgày trước

    The people who smashed the walnut into pieces physically hurt my soul.

  2. Sahil Hadke

    Sahil HadkeNgày trước

    1:18 I love this guy✌️

  3. GRUMPY cloud

    GRUMPY cloud3 ngày trước

    I'm disappointed in humanity

  4. Viper

    Viper3 ngày trước

    It's disturbing how some of these people are grown adults and can't tell walnuts and almonds apart.

  5. Priyangshu Ghosh

    Priyangshu Ghosh4 ngày trước

    *deez nuts*

  6. jondo games

    jondo games4 ngày trước


  7. Henreich Becker

    Henreich Becker5 ngày trước

    Whotf uses a garlic mincer to crack walnut?

  8. kivuun

    kivuun5 ngày trước

    Compilation of idiots with hammers v.2882

  9. Liviu FN

    Liviu FN6 ngày trước

    Just put it under your leg and crack it slowly. God damn

  10. loot

    loot6 ngày trước

    how do you find the dumbest people on earth? im working on sterilization ray and need some test subjects, DM's are open

  11. Ble

    Ble7 ngày trước

    I crack one by hand, like a real man

  12. Sexy S

    Sexy S9 ngày trước

    05:00 he's having too much fun with the nuts

  13. BloodKills

    BloodKills9 ngày trước

    I can twist a walnut apart with my bare hands, these people really do have the iq of a garden fence

  14. ML KiccGaming Fanny

    ML KiccGaming Fanny9 ngày trước

    I rather use the nutcracker (even more easy)

  15. SnowFake

    SnowFake9 ngày trước

    Just step on it lightly

  16. Kieran Shae

    Kieran Shae9 ngày trước

    Are people actually this stupid?? Please tell me they're pretending

  17. Kieran Shae

    Kieran Shae9 ngày trước

    I had to stop watching because I'm so embarrassed for them

  18. HKO_Nitro

    HKO_Nitro10 ngày trước

    That guy who crushed the Walnut with his bare hands could break someone's skull with his bare hands

  19. Davey

    Davey10 ngày trước

    Man at 2:25 be like: f*** those tools, I'm the tool.

  20. sя•Ꭰjαιmοη ΧΧ

    sя•Ꭰjαιmοη ΧΧ10 ngày trước

    Dude, the freaking Zombie knows how to crack that.

  21. Pineapple of My Eye

    Pineapple of My Eye11 ngày trước

    1:38 to 2:22 lol what did you expect lady?

  22. Kzxyl _

    Kzxyl _11 ngày trước

    Logic 0:59

  23. pee poee

    pee poee12 ngày trước

    I always skip the first half and just watch the chef is that just me?

  24. Jeanbeany

    Jeanbeany13 ngày trước

    People are genuinely braindead

  25. Potato __

    Potato __13 ngày trước

    1. Just crack them against each other 2. Use your hand 3. Get into crack and pull

  26. Wee_mask_the_slump_god

    Wee_mask_the_slump_god13 ngày trước

    I cracked a few with my teeth. a few years back. Don’t know how but I did

  27. Geo S

    Geo S13 ngày trước

    These people scare me

  28. Freddi :3

    Freddi :314 ngày trước

    I grew up with a walnut tree in my back yard and honestly I just stood on in to crack it lol


    MATTIA BIANCHINI14 ngày trước

    I really can't belive there is people that don't know how to open it.... And don't know what is it......

  30. Лев Джон

    Лев Джон14 ngày trước

    My grandad showed me that you can crack a walnut using a door - just open the door, put it in the opening between jamb and a door itself, then start to closing it until the nut is cracked! I was so amazed, I opened like 10 of them. Than came grandma and yelled at us both, because apparently it's damaging for the door.....

  31. maria

    maria15 ngày trước

    i laughed hysterically when the chef said 'not a complicated task' oh man, watching this video must've been a shock to him

  32. Catalina Cáceres

    Catalina Cáceres15 ngày trước

    I open this with my door a knife or my hands

  33. Stenole Movig

    Stenole Movig16 ngày trước

    When i think that i am the most stupit human ever are then i look to this

  34. The Baby Duck

    The Baby Duck17 ngày trước

    0:18 she trying to be the smart one but she call the almonds

  35. Flaron LTU

    Flaron LTU17 ngày trước

    This is easy

  36. Alex Abraham

    Alex Abraham17 ngày trước

    I'm dying my man's said date XD

  37. Miles Hamilton

    Miles Hamilton17 ngày trước

    "are these pistachios?"

  38. Mortynoh

    Mortynoh18 ngày trước

    Wait..how did i end up here?

  39. Ameurstihn

    Ameurstihn18 ngày trước

    1:22 G*Y. "Oh my god, he's being homophobic!" Well yes but no, I'm glad they exist cause this way over-population stops, just keep the "feminine" (That word is sexist, it means being a little b**** to me. Women didn't care about the way they looked back in my day.. Wait I'm 16 and that was thousands and thousands of years ago..) Just keep the "feminine" (I know I repeated that) stuff away from me.

  40. Grant B

    Grant B17 ngày trước

    Are you a homosexual?

  41. Athena Buenaventura

    Athena Buenaventura18 ngày trước

    I Dont know my nuts🤭😏

  42. Ikaika Corpus

    Ikaika Corpus18 ngày trước

    0:25 *I DoN't KnOw My NuTs* that's what he said.

  43. GamerTheKing 2000

    GamerTheKing 200018 ngày trước

    Wherw do you find these idiots😂😂

  44. K JR

    K JR19 ngày trước


  45. Alice Mallory

    Alice Mallory20 ngày trước

    I believe in humanity too much. This need to be paid actors.

  46. Arunabha Das

    Arunabha Das20 ngày trước

    3:17 This guy did it in right way But it's only work on paper walnut

  47. Ant SG

    Ant SG20 ngày trước

    I can still break walnuts with only two hands since I was 7 and I’m in middle school now


    THEKING ROGER2617 ngày trước

    Ant SG me too but in 1 hand

  49. I don't know what to call my channel

    I don't know what to call my channel20 ngày trước

    Just put the walnut in-between your two hands and push in

  50. Lea 1911

    Lea 191121 ngày trước

    These people make me feel like I'm smart

  51. WolfMiser

    WolfMiser21 ngày trước

    Next video you need to have 50 people trying to cut/ carve a pineapple. I think that would be very interesting.

  52. Burgerism 2000

    Burgerism 200021 ngày trước

    I crush the walnuts with my hands

  53. Simion Copilu Scuter

    Simion Copilu Scuter22 ngày trước

    I am 13 years old and i can open 2 walnuts simply with my hand and this fools have a full arsenal of tools and can't even open one?

  54. Blodershade Donald productions

    Blodershade Donald productions22 ngày trước

    Bruhs a re dumb.use classic slav tradition called sole. Step with sole. You can crack tgem smoothly by putting them on a beer bottle and then smashing them with a hammer.

  55. aleksander mita

    aleksander mita23 ngày trước

    I can crack them with my bare hands

  56. kyung kyung

    kyung kyung23 ngày trước

    Try cracking a macadamia nut

  57. Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Lulu Seatown Getdown23 ngày trước

    “ here we have 3 chestnuts 🌰 “ I wanna date him. Bring him back cOnde Nast

  58. nct trash

    nct trash24 ngày trước

    you’re supposed to open them with your mouth-

  59. Michał Haronek

    Michał Haronek24 ngày trước

    *picks up a nut cracker* “No that’s not it”

  60. Work Out

    Work Out24 ngày trước

    If you are using goggles and a hammer while cooking, then you've already messed up

  61. Wolf Leader

    Wolf Leader25 ngày trước

    Try opening Brazil Nuts

  62. Antoinette Marlow

    Antoinette Marlow25 ngày trước

    HOW - HOW - HOW in God's name do these idiot people not know what a walnut looks like? I can't really imagine!!

  63. besar sadiki

    besar sadiki26 ngày trước

    i can crack a walnut with two fingers