50 People Try to Separate An Egg | Epicurious

Watch these humans take a "crack" at this challenge! It might seem easy, but the "yolk's" on them!

It's an egg.

Watch as 50 people attempt to separate an egg by any means necessary. One guy even tries to cut the yolk out of a raw egg with a knife. Seriously.
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50 People Try to Separate An Egg | Epicurious


  1. Daniel Sachin Agarwal

    Daniel Sachin Agarwal2 giờ trước

    Robert *Ramsey* -Coincidence, I think not

  2. JonahDrums

    JonahDrums14 giờ trước

    you can just use a plastic bottle. put it over the yolk and squeeze it!!!!

  3. I don’t know What to put

    I don’t know What to putNgày trước

    Oh my god

  4. SmotheredmyselfwithJelly

    SmotheredmyselfwithJellyNgày trước

    I had a mini stroke watching that one guy try to separate that egg with a knife

  5. TheAllmighty Smallest

    TheAllmighty SmallestNgày trước

    ...this should be common sense people. Like a 10 year old can do this easy omg. X.X this cant be real people XD

  6. ShroudyShrek

    ShroudyShrekNgày trước

    Use a plastic bottle

  7. Asma Khairul Azman

    Asma Khairul Azman2 ngày trước

    1:38 aww he's so proud

  8. Neppo

    Neppo3 ngày trước

    00:43 The legend.

  9. Phil Hipp

    Phil Hipp4 ngày trước

    I LOVE!! the editing and the music.. very comedic!

  10. Queen Zaira

    Queen Zaira4 ngày trước

    All you need is a bottle to separate the yolk

  11. Josh Villa

    Josh Villa4 ngày trước

    Pink shirt guy ain’t wearing pink.

  12. Roberto Sandoval

    Roberto Sandoval4 ngày trước

    This is how many eggs were lost in this video | | |

  13. Vanix- Brawl stars

    Vanix- Brawl stars4 ngày trước

    Them: Seperate the egg The guy at 1:02: *Cuts the yolk in half* Me: GENIUS

  14. Cakes dont lie ?

    Cakes dont lie ?5 ngày trước

    Yay grandma

  15. I Just Changed My Name

    I Just Changed My Name5 ngày trước

    God bless dude using a knife

  16. FunWithWunky

    FunWithWunky5 ngày trước

    Ok yeah I understand some people don’t know how to sauté a haddock, but separating an egg? Seriously?

  17. lightningbolt750

    lightningbolt7505 ngày trước

    And adults talk about their generation like they're superior

  18. PinoyHulyo19 Twentynineteen

    PinoyHulyo19 Twentynineteen5 ngày trước


  19. Faith, Food and Fitness

    Faith, Food and Fitness6 ngày trước

    Hahaha amazing how many different techniques are used

  20. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf6 ngày trước

    they are like 20 years older than me and i cam seperate the egg with no problems

  21. Neppo

    Neppo3 ngày trước

    @Dark Wolf Impossible... how could it be...

  22. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf6 ngày trước

    better than the pro guy

  23. Richie GJ

    Richie GJ7 ngày trước


  24. Nikkitty 15

    Nikkitty 157 ngày trước


  25. jiranon triratwuttipanya

    jiranon triratwuttipanya9 ngày trước

    Robert Ramsey?? RAMSEY!??!

  26. Neppo

    Neppo3 ngày trước

    IT'S FOKIN' *_RAW!_*

  27. Shaun Het schaap

    Shaun Het schaap10 ngày trước

    Sometimes I just think like how am I smarter then some of these people

  28. Moxie

    Moxie11 ngày trước

    50people try to open a can!

  29. Charley Jumilla

    Charley Jumilla12 ngày trước

    There’s an easier way. Boil the egg. Crack it open. Separate the white and yolk. Unboil it, then Voila!

  30. Jaden Davison

    Jaden Davison13 ngày trước

    Step 1: Crack a full egg into a glass bowl Step 2: Take out the yolk with your hands and let the whites drip off.

  31. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt18 ngày trước

    Water bottle trick?

  32. Weirdo Is da name

    Weirdo Is da name18 ngày trước

    Cool i saw that chef in a show with Gordon Ramsay

  33. Jstacks28 Sport Stacking

    Jstacks28 Sport Stacking18 ngày trước

    The chefs last name is Ramsay

  34. muhd haziq

    muhd haziq19 ngày trước

    This is more of a try not to get triggered video

  35. Uncle Steve

    Uncle Steve19 ngày trước

    These guys serious?

  36. Ritchie88

    Ritchie8821 ngày trước

    That old lady actually did something right.

  37. mrswiftasian

    mrswiftasian21 ngày trước

    It’s easy. Crack it, use a whisk, and that the yolk out

  38. M.Susilo Raffael Attan

    M.Susilo Raffael Attan21 ngày trước

    0:43 how to separate egg well

  39. xSlayer

    xSlayer21 ngày trước

    I'm just expecting chef Ramsay to throw up the egg throwing salt at it and magically separating it

  40. BiII Gates

    BiII Gates22 ngày trước

    Its 2020 and that guy on 1:02 still haunts me

  41. Luna kitty Animations

    Luna kitty Animations22 ngày trước

    1:02 * I think this guys also separated half my Bain cells with the egg*

  42. random person

    random person23 ngày trước

    I love how he 0:43 puts the egg in the board excepting that he will seperate the egg and place each one on a bowl And the music i am gonna die

  43. random person

    random person23 ngày trước

    * *warning* * This video contains unhealthy amount of stupidness in it (especially that bald guy who separated the egg yolk with a knife in the CHOPPING BOARD) SO it recommended to enjoy the angry cry noises in the comments to feel welcomed and released

  44. Alex Domitian

    Alex Domitian23 ngày trước


  45. EXOGEN

    EXOGEN25 ngày trước

    noone: Epicurious: brings a CHEF to show us how to separate an egg

  46. jchris333

    jchris33325 ngày trước

    Some of the people have to be joking

  47. kacpergx

    kacpergx25 ngày trước

    Co za ofermy

  48. penélope sá

    penélope sá25 ngày trước

    My grandmother taught me how to do this when I was 3!!! Aren’t you supposed to learn basic kitchen skills!! No hate or anything tho!

  49. YuriGames NL

    YuriGames NL26 ngày trước

    This must be acted, you can’t be that fk stupid😂 1:02

  50. Something Else

    Something Else26 ngày trước

    a video that is filled with logic.

  51. No U

    No U26 ngày trước

    Wth.. Just crack half of the shell and pour the white to bowl.

  52. qaran hashmi

    qaran hashmi26 ngày trước

    I use a bottle water

  53. Obscure Clips

    Obscure Clips27 ngày trước

    ......I knew how to do this at the age of 4.......

  54. yoonki_min's_. JaMsss

    yoonki_min's_. JaMsss27 ngày trước

    1:03 MAN! You are a genius!

  55. Hidan Stroganof

    Hidan Stroganof27 ngày trước

    That homie literally separate the egg like it's on a freaking mitosis. Im dead lmao

  56. Jimmy G

    Jimmy G27 ngày trước

    Nobody needs a video like this. Stop promoting content that doesn't do anything for you or it's creator. It's just a waste of time.

  57. Fiqz

    Fiqz27 ngày trước

    No one : That one person : literally cut the egg with a knife

  58. Unidud3

    Unidud328 ngày trước


  59. Vector G

    Vector G28 ngày trước

    The guy putting the egg onto cutting board deserves a special place in Gordon's kitchen

  60. Ben Quigley

    Ben Quigley28 ngày trước

    I much prefer the water bottle method myself.... Especially because of my disability it makes it hard for me to do with with my hands

  61. Aidan Cabrera

    Aidan Cabrera28 ngày trước

    The first few people look like they’ve never touched an egg

  62. No U

    No U26 ngày trước

    Bet some of them never boil water

  63. ok bloomer

    ok bloomer29 ngày trước

    Haha ok soo like haha How

  64. Donut Kiddo

    Donut KiddoTháng trước

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even a single soul: Not even my neighbor's dog; Guy at 1:02 *separates an egg with a knife*

  65. Jiniya Amin

    Jiniya Amin28 ngày trước

    Ahaha ikr. I dont know where they find this kinda people.😂