50 People Try to Make Fried Chicken | Epicurious

Who doesn't love to whip out their personal deep fryer that everybody definitely has in their kitchens and make fried chicken? Piece of cake, right? Well, maybe not. Watch as 50 people attempt to batter and fry chicken!
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50 People Try to Make Fried Chicken | Epicurious


  1. Karely Escobar

    Karely EscobarGiờ trước

    Can we get his Instagram 🥺 @4:10

  2. Emporer Relinquish

    Emporer Relinquish20 giờ trước


  3. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith23 giờ trước

    Surely people cant be this stupid I refuse to believe that is real effort

  4. Fish Spanker

    Fish SpankerNgày trước

    2:55 did he just put the cooked chicken on the same spot the raw was on?

  5. Jie

    JieNgày trước

    People needs to know that chicken takes a while to cook or fry then any other meats out there

  6. Janiya Knight

    Janiya KnightNgày trước

    when they put only salt on it 😩💔

  7. twoonthewall

    twoonthewall2 ngày trước

    2:55 puts cooked chicken on a plate with raw chicken

  8. Mr_Randomnese

    Mr_Randomnese2 ngày trước

    Out of all the videos y'all have made where people do stuff they have no idea of doing, this has been the worst one. This caused me so much anxiety and frustration omg hahhahahha

  9. VHS_ Robin

    VHS_ Robin2 ngày trước


  10. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling3 ngày trước

    2:26 i love this woman

  11. BELLA

    BELLA3 ngày trước

    Broooo he put the fried chicken next to the raw chicken on the plate

  12. Lily Mai

    Lily Mai3 ngày trước

    Sometimes I watch these to help boost my self esteem

  13. ritesh dhakal

    ritesh dhakal4 ngày trước

    i cant believe this many people cannot cook food... it actually blows my mind how many people don't know a basic skill

  14. Morayo Adedapo

    Morayo Adedapo4 ngày trước

    "haha milk and eggs you think im gonna fall for that" said every inexperienced cook ever

  15. Dominick Boren

    Dominick Boren4 ngày trước

    4:53 ok boomer

  16. A7ksr 23

    A7ksr 236 ngày trước

    Who the girl in 00:52 ??? The gram ?

  17. REALisation :

    REALisation :6 ngày trước

    REALisation: fuzzyduck is it just me or did most of the black ppl pass this one.... O_o

  18. Emilyke

    Emilyke6 ngày trước

    People going with their tongs... you can lift up the basket you know?

  19. Lgthrfwy Ggr

    Lgthrfwy Ggr7 ngày trước

    the muscular asian can finally do something 😂😂

  20. zoey

    zoey7 ngày trước


  21. BRICE YT

    BRICE YT7 ngày trước

    I think I'm a better cook than them I'm 13

  22. purple moongrass

    purple moongrass8 ngày trước

    Isn't Gabriellle (sp?) a level 2 chef? I wonder why she seems to do so badly on these basic videos.

  23. Cammi Casey

    Cammi Casey9 ngày trước

    It physically pained me to watch the first group tbh

  24. Lisa Charcoal

    Lisa Charcoal9 ngày trước

    4:49 is me

  25. Tova !

    Tova !10 ngày trước

    Heast oida kennan de ka Schnitzel😂Wos isn des

  26. Zey Rold

    Zey Rold10 ngày trước

    They be cooking with salmonella

  27. Iftekhar Ahmed

    Iftekhar Ahmed10 ngày trước

    0:27 what pendant is that

  28. 20k subs for my kitty

    20k subs for my kitty10 ngày trước

    1:15 Looks like Micah is gay

  29. Molly Guenther

    Molly Guenther10 ngày trước

    I so happy the guy in the pink button down was bad at this! He’s always perfect at everything else. He’s human!

  30. DanDan

    DanDan11 ngày trước

    Peoples sucks and are assisted

  31. Moto Redux

    Moto Redux11 ngày trước

    “I’ve not been doing cooking thing” What does your mom still cook for you?

  32. Christopher D

    Christopher D11 ngày trước

    Food poisoning chick is so annoying, why tf are you even here.

  33. Work Out

    Work Out11 ngày trước

    2:28 This lady has obviously had a few too many encounters with food poisoning from a Thai restaurant

  34. Hennessy Cognac

    Hennessy Cognac13 ngày trước

    Where are all african folks making a dope seasoning?

  35. fleurtje fleur

    fleurtje fleur14 ngày trước

    I want chicken strips

  36. DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb

    DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb14 ngày trước

    4:49 huh, colonel sanders came back to life.

  37. Connor The Savage

    Connor The Savage15 ngày trước

    5:00 CHEF RAMSEY!!!

  38. Frank 202 Espinoza

    Frank 202 Espinoza15 ngày trước

    Bruh I can make way better fried chicken then these old heads nd I’m 15💀

  39. nate'scornflakes

    nate'scornflakes15 ngày trước

    2:30 Lady: you can't overcook chicken Gordon Ramsay in kitchen hell: stop being so delusional

  40. Macdog12 13

    Macdog12 1316 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does the lady in the purple and pink shirt know everything? She should replace Robert

  41. I’m insane art

    I’m insane art16 ngày trước


  42. Ace Garcia

    Ace Garcia16 ngày trước

    4:48 WHAT da ef are you? LMFAO😂😂😂

  43. J

    J17 ngày trước

    I have a friend that knows how to dredge the chicken into a spiral it looks so cool

  44. Ayrton Yebra

    Ayrton Yebra17 ngày trước

    The only guy i trust is the sweater girl that has pink and purple stŕips

  45. Mr.obunka -

    Mr.obunka -18 ngày trước


  46. Mr.obunka -

    Mr.obunka -18 ngày trước


  47. nasty_snickerYt

    nasty_snickerYt18 ngày trước

    How do people not know how to do this, I'm 13 and can do it easily 🤣🤣

  48. Yulian Acevedo

    Yulian Acevedo18 ngày trước


  49. Electro Wizz YT

    Electro Wizz YT18 ngày trước

    Why did u put star wars music at the end


    [GD]PLAYER GAME ON18 ngày trước

    Im 11 and i cook better than them

  51. Something Else

    Something Else19 ngày trước

    S a l m o n e l l a

  52. Lizard of oz

    Lizard of oz19 ngày trước

    4:50 🤣🤣

  53. Boolbach

    Boolbach19 ngày trước

    “I honestly thought this was a toaster”

  54. oscar zamora-bautista

    oscar zamora-bautista20 ngày trước

    Wow they all suck

  55. Richard Li

    Richard Li20 ngày trước

    yo is that rice gum

  56. Nemám Zájem

    Nemám Zájem21 ngày trước


  57. Señor Serena

    Señor Serena21 ngày trước

    Can yall please stop inviting Ramsay to the show. Deadass

  58. Team Stryfe

    Team Stryfe21 ngày trước

    Have the guy at 4:51 more plz, maybe as an amateur chef

  59. rin len

    rin len21 ngày trước

    I'm more pissed off that the only seasoning provided was salt

  60. Nat Williams

    Nat Williams21 ngày trước

    2:53 AHHHHHHHH