50 People Try to Open a Bottle of Wine | Epicurious

Rules for opening a wine bottle: put your safety goggles on, put the knife down and watch this video because apparently a lot of people have no idea how to do it. Watch as 50 people try to open a wine bottle using corkscrews, screwdriver, hammers and knives!
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50 People Try to Open a Bottle of Wine | Epicurious


  1. Saikat Kar

    Saikat Kar4 giờ trước

    1:35 Wtf is he doing?

  2. Nasse83

    Nasse83Ngày trước

    how do you find people this clueless in your videos?

  3. L.S. van Ahee

    L.S. van AheeNgày trước

    Am i the only 1 wondering what they did with all the wine?

  4. virginia ng

    virginia ng2 ngày trước

    I’m 13 even I’m how to open a bottle of wine .

  5. Docteur Flou

    Docteur Flou2 ngày trước

    As a fench, it just pain me to watch them.

  6. AngryCyclone

    AngryCyclone2 ngày trước

    I'm 17 and I can do it better

  7. Phil Hipp

    Phil Hipp5 ngày trước

    oh god, that poor wine bottle!

  8. Don’t Know Don’t Care

    Don’t Know Don’t Care6 ngày trước

    How do you get that much money to pay these people to be clueless?

  9. Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez6 ngày trước

    When people can’t do simple tasks.

  10. Syed Jawad

    Syed Jawad6 ngày trước

    As a point of rule of thumb, Robert Ramsey makes doing anything look easy

  11. REN Banana 2

    REN Banana 28 ngày trước

    Bruh ive never even drinked alcohol and i know how to open a wine bottle lmao

  12. savory chickens

    savory chickens8 ngày trước

    I have a friend with Aspergers and he was cringing at this

  13. Maria Thomas

    Maria Thomas9 ngày trước

    The bartender in me was screaming the entire time

  14. Bubbles_as18

    Bubbles_as189 ngày trước

    oh come on! Really???!!!

  15. Viv1d

    Viv1d10 ngày trước

    These are the people that natural selection should have got rid of

  16. matuterw2793

    matuterw279310 ngày trước

    Todos mongolos. El chef se debe pegar un tiro despues de verlos

  17. Raja Rajput

    Raja Rajput11 ngày trước

    Man Thanos was so right

  18. Let'sGameTV

    Let'sGameTV12 ngày trước

    Completly wrong...you have to cut the foil under the graduation. So you have to cut the foil around the whole bottle. But don't turn the bottle. And she's right it shouldn't plop.

  19. fedos

    fedos12 ngày trước

    Thank you for making me feel better about my life.

  20. Anton Jonsson

    Anton Jonsson13 ngày trước

    A mericans are the dumbest species on this planet. End of discussion

  21. Grey Rodgers

    Grey Rodgers14 ngày trước

    I’m 13 years old and I think it’s common sense on how to open wine

  22. THE Dreamer

    THE Dreamer16 ngày trước

    The french me is crying inside out

  23. Le Brainchild

    Le Brainchild18 ngày trước

    ahahaha as a french guy i first opened a bottle of wine when i was 7

  24. DynastyGaming

    DynastyGaming18 ngày trước

    I refuse to believe people are this stupid.

  25. ciccioli75

    ciccioli7519 ngày trước

    I'm 13 and I know hou to open a bottle of wine

  26. MarcoNovielli 2

    MarcoNovielli 221 ngày trước

    It’s insane how stupid people can be

  27. Every Channel

    Every Channel21 ngày trước

    We usually push the quork into the bottle when we don't have a screw here in Hungary

  28. ensalada de patata

    ensalada de patata21 ngày trước

    I’ve been opening bottles of wine since I’m 6... people in America don’t have culture at all

  29. Am Apple

    Am Apple22 ngày trước

    Why are so many people using screwdrivers it's not that hard

  30. Annette Ruiz

    Annette Ruiz22 ngày trước

    Me: I'm surprised there wasn't a sword on the table to saber the bottle Looks at people in vid :oh hahhahahahahahhahahahahahah thats y

  31. abhijith suresh

    abhijith suresh23 ngày trước

    To me it's an educational video since we drink wine rarely and we buy wine with cork even rarely,for common people like us(here the common people refer to people around our neighborhood) we rarely buy wines we just share wine made from our Home,true it not be tasty or alocoholic like those wine we can buy but it is good for me.If i was in there place i will most probably be in the dumb category of opening wines since I never opened it or used those tools .To me this video is educational because in future when there is a chance to open the wine i can open it using that tool in proper and easy way

  32. TheBlueArcher

    TheBlueArcher24 ngày trước

    Usually you put the first half of people who don't know, the half with people who know, and between this and the tutorial you sneak in one person who doesn't know (from the first half) But this time, putting it between your legs, is actually proper. With a basic, traditional corkscrew (or travel corkscrews) there is no lever. You just have to pull vertically. and sometimes the cork is in there good... in which case, as I stated, securing the wine bottle between your knees is proper.

  33. notcaryll

    notcaryll24 ngày trước

    "You adress the bottle. Hello bottle" 😂

  34. Gavin Johnson

    Gavin Johnson24 ngày trước

    0:34 there’s a quork in dere

  35. Douglas Nömell

    Douglas Nömell24 ngày trước

    OMG this is sad!!

  36. Sébastien Buchert

    Sébastien Buchert26 ngày trước

    As a french waiter working in a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant, it is so cringy and frustrating 😂 I never thought so many people in the world don't know how to open a bottle of wine. Like wtf what do you drink at family dinner ??? Dr. Pepper ? Damn

  37. rfs pilot

    rfs pilot26 ngày trước

    I’m 14 and I know how to do it 😂

  38. Dunrey

    Dunrey26 ngày trước

    a wine bottle is so simple. three simple things. Twist, put the lever on the bottle, lift. a BABY could do it

  39. 50.000 subscribers with 1 livestream

    50.000 subscribers with 1 livestream27 ngày trước

    Me awake at 2 am before school: I don't even drink vine... My brain: shhh, you need this, really you need this

  40. Ignacio Cuesta Valderrama

    Ignacio Cuesta Valderrama27 ngày trước

    It’s not that damn difficult

  41. Coast Malone

    Coast Malone28 ngày trước

    I could do this in the womb

  42. Magnus

    Magnus28 ngày trước

    3:12 know more than the pro chef

  43. Ghxzt

    Ghxzt28 ngày trước

    How does this channel find so much unintelligent aliens?

  44. Danijel Rakic

    Danijel Rakic29 ngày trước

    Balkan kids learn this by the age of 12 🤣👌

  45. Nica NIcolae

    Nica NIcolae29 ngày trước

    Holly freak u guys are a bunch of morons...... hoooow???

  46. • Lily •

    • Lily •Tháng trước

    I dont even drink Wine and i know How to Open the Wine bottle

  47. Thhe One

    Thhe OneTháng trước

    I've never opened a wine bottle. But im still aware that screwdriver pushing is not the right way

  48. Jianxiong Chen

    Jianxiong ChenTháng trước

    3:20 it sounds like his penis got popped out

  49. Alexis

    AlexisTháng trước

    if you cant open a bottle of wine what can you open?


    I TRIGGER PEOPLETháng trước

    Did these people have a bottle of wine before this?

  51. Unidud3

    Unidud3Tháng trước

    Definitely the one I would expect to start drinking out the bottle

  52. Field Marshal Douglas Haig

    Field Marshal Douglas HaigTháng trước

    Where do they find people with an iq of a low functioning downsie. This is sad.

  53. yoshi tink

    yoshi tinkTháng trước

    I'm 22 and I know how to open a wine bottle with a corkscrew. Just twist people. LMAO

  54. Snow Pearl

    Snow PearlTháng trước

    I don't drink so I'm just as confused as them.

  55. Citrus Ciana

    Citrus CianaTháng trước

    3:21 oml that stressed me out so bad 😭

  56. Lisa Kerekes

    Lisa KerekesTháng trước

    They're clearly not drinking enough wine!

  57. Khalid Ali

    Khalid AliTháng trước

    I don't know how to open a wine bottle because I am individual with high morality of taking care of myself properly from the dangerous alcohol... Which doesn't make me stupid, it makes me smart of course.


    MATLANTISTháng trước

    4:20 and 4:22 have the right idea😂😂

  59. Rei Matcha

    Rei MatchaTháng trước

    In Indonesia, you don't see someone randomly sells wine, so... Yeah.. But at least I can open a wine bottle

  60. Robotsnake20

    Robotsnake20Tháng trước

    These people have the iq of a wooden fence They don't deserve the IQ's of rocks