50 People Try To Make Waffles | Epicurious

Lots of people love eating waffles, but how many of us can actually cook one? Watch as 50 people try to master the iron and make homemade waffles.
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50 People Try To Make Waffles | Epicurious


  1. Bastian De Vos

    Bastian De Vos4 giờ trước

    Now try stroopwafels.

  2. Stanley Marsh

    Stanley Marsh8 giờ trước

    1:24 she shouldn't be anywhere near waffles LOL

  3. Kai Dyer

    Kai Dyer20 giờ trước

    Oh- I think I poured in a lot😂😂

  4. mr tatertots45

    mr tatertots4521 giờ trước

    I dislike him if he delivers waffles

  5. C R

    C RNgày trước

    Oh thank God, for a minute there I thought some of you were actually going to survive when the apocalypse came. My faith in humanity has been restored, you're all going to start to death.

  6. Zaid’s fat

    Zaid’s fatNgày trước

    That looks like an artificial waffle

  7. Kakashirook

    KakashirookNgày trước

    Americans 🤦‍♂️

  8. Idk

    IdkNgày trước

    0:05 Lil nas x dat u?

  9. Hip Hop

    Hip HopNgày trước

    4:36 Kylian Mbappe

  10. hypergirlgx

    hypergirlgxNgày trước

    **Crying in Belgian Waffle**

  11. Luis Acosta

    Luis AcostaNgày trước

    Why does the black guy have no shirt on?

  12. eytan0127

    eytan01272 ngày trước

    1:52 « oh maybe I’ll put a little bit more. » as if any sane human being would add batter to the iron drooling of batter already

  13. Yeyha Privat

    Yeyha Privat2 ngày trước

    This is Amarika No one can cook

  14. N0ogi

    N0ogi3 ngày trước

    4:36 i hate this person cuz they smackin they lips

  15. Tokyo_Playz_-

    Tokyo_Playz_-3 ngày trước

    1:52 200 IQ master chef right here

  16. latifa Fatihi

    latifa Fatihi4 ngày trước

    50 people try to walk: 50 people: *falls* -I believe in you- Nvm.

  17. Dane that's a long name for a furry

    Dane that's a long name for a furry4 ngày trước

    Me: most of them are doing good... My mind: GODDAMMIT THESE IDIOTS!!! GAH my mom: o hey whatcha watching? Me: me oh just ppl trying to do their best at waffles My mind: TELL HER THE TRUTH AAAAHHHH!!! OMGGGG THIS IS HORRIBLE

  18. Ambalal Prajapati

    Ambalal Prajapati5 ngày trước

    Wait!! Robert Ramsey!?? Is he related with Gordon Ramsey?

  19. Favour Oladapo

    Favour Oladapo5 ngày trước

    i feel bad fro whoever had to clean the waffle maker ... they need a raise

  20. Louey Jaballah

    Louey Jaballah5 ngày trước


  21. Darthplagueis13

    Darthplagueis136 ngày trước

    Not gonna lie, I'm kinda dissapointed that they didn't have to make their own waffle batter, too. I mean, it's not like it's all that complicated.

  22. bignonoIamAgirl

    bignonoIamAgirl6 ngày trước

    I've had enough experience making waffles at the waffle maker machine in my university dining halls Also had enough experience eating two plain frozen toasted eggo waffles everyday for breakfast in high school

  23. Sub to me or you have the dumb Please

    Sub to me or you have the dumb Please6 ngày trước

    Why is no one talking about the guy not wearing a shirt and just a apron at 3:34

  24. Abubakr

    Abubakr7 ngày trước

    3:55 that lady knows everything

  25. Chris Turner

    Chris Turner7 ngày trước

    How these people even put on their clothes in the morning is a mystery

  26. tizzle27 _

    tizzle27 _7 ngày trước

    literally all you have to do is put the batter in the iron and wait

  27. RENDEX

    RENDEX8 ngày trước

    Why is it when people eat they sometime make a bha sound

  28. Suhas C

    Suhas C9 ngày trước

    Com'mon they can't even cut fruits. What makes u think they can even make waffles

  29. Vidar Eonsuu

    Vidar Eonsuu9 ngày trước

    Bruh im 11 and i can make waffles ez

  30. Jung

    Jung9 ngày trước

    00:57 is she familiar with the concept of dividing the batter to make another one?

  31. Cody

    Cody9 ngày trước

    Girl with the red/orange shirt at 1:28 is gorgeous

  32. bcvids9

    bcvids99 ngày trước

    Dude, put on a DAMN shirt!!! So gross!

  33. PzYco Bshamu

    PzYco Bshamu9 ngày trước


  34. Eugene Rebeiro

    Eugene Rebeiro9 ngày trước

    solution by Albert eintstien waffle house ...

  35. Animate 452

    Animate 4529 ngày trước

    Whats next, 50 people tries to breathe? 50 people: *messes up*

  36. Speci TV

    Speci TV10 ngày trước

    4:06 is that a kid or an adult and a man or a female wtf??

  37. William Tente

    William Tente11 ngày trước

    Why are people always spraying nonstick surfaces with oil?

  38. Skrrt Skrrt

    Skrrt Skrrt11 ngày trước

    4:53 Ah, Gordon Ramsay’s bootleg

  39. Switzer Mambatac

    Switzer Mambatac12 ngày trước

    The one is a globetrotter

  40. Professional Gamer

    Professional Gamer12 ngày trước

    1:51 This gives me anxiety...

  41. Roblox Review

    Roblox Review12 ngày trước

    It's so unsatisfying when they cannot do a simple thing, but when they do *Oh it's so wonderful*

  42. Davis Daniel

    Davis Daniel13 ngày trước

    I’m 13 and I can make my own waffles better than that

  43. Princess__Kaylee 1

    Princess__Kaylee 113 ngày trước

    Her: I like my waffle...toasty like me Me: ok...

  44. BONA KID

    BONA KID13 ngày trước

    2:34 Y E E T

  45. Paul Odagiu

    Paul Odagiu13 ngày trước

    1:23 please tell me how you got that fat (not rude)

  46. Ethan Yiu

    Ethan Yiu13 ngày trước

    Gordon Ramsay will be pissed off

  47. Dominic Go

    Dominic Go13 ngày trước

    himbo count: 2 👀

  48. R R

    R R13 ngày trước

    Literally one of the easiest foods to make. I learned how to make waffles when I was 13.

  49. Gatcha Person

    Gatcha Person12 ngày trước

    Dude I learned how to make waffles when I was like 8 and these people don’t know how to make it

  50. Patrick Constantin

    Patrick Constantin14 ngày trước

    999K views Really?


    FRIZZ GAMING14 ngày trước

    Girl: i gonna put everything in there so we will not gonna waste anything of the waffle batter Waffle maker: you might want to reconsider.

  52. Queen Qwerty

    Queen Qwerty14 ngày trước

    some of those waffles are awfully pale

  53. 420beast Playz

    420beast Playz14 ngày trước

    This woman is gross 1:51

  54. Jarell Nolastname

    Jarell Nolastname14 ngày trước

    god more than half the waffles look like they would give you frickin sow manila

  55. Rukma S C

    Rukma S C14 ngày trước

    Nobody: No one at all: The black guy: maybe I should use a melon baller to pick this up Me: hckgagajckhchchjh

  56. NO 1

    NO 115 ngày trước

    0:27 lol

  57. emily c

    emily c16 ngày trước

    *rewinding* robert: alrightguysweregonnamakeawaffle i don’t know why i found that so funny but he said it so fast

  58. king lordpie

    king lordpie16 ngày trước

    I cringed so much at those under done waffles and multiple disasters.

  59. Motorcycles With Michael

    Motorcycles With Michael16 ngày trước

    Why wasn’t Eleven on this episode I’m mad

  60. Manuel Rosales

    Manuel Rosales17 ngày trước

    Who is the girl at 1:29 ??

  61. highest tr

    highest tr17 ngày trước

    Are Americans actually that dumb