50 People Try To Make Waffles | Epicurious

Lots of people love eating waffles, but how many of us can actually cook one? Watch as 50 people try to master the iron and make homemade waffles.
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50 People Try To Make Waffles | Epicurious


  1. Saviour

    Saviour2 giờ trước

    0:57 why would you pour all the batter???????

  2. Omar Kocak

    Omar Kocak3 giờ trước

    Are they making these waffles for eleven.

  3. Xd Jc

    Xd Jc5 giờ trước

    The bald guy kinda looks like the guy from it and bohemian rapsody

  4. Siyar Targay

    Siyar Targay19 giờ trước

    The first 25 are dumb as hell The next 25 are basically pros

  5. Samir

    Samir20 giờ trước

    did u mean 50 dumb people

  6. Donatas Nainys

    Donatas Nainys20 giờ trước

    How are some people just so bad at things 😑

  7. Benjamin Skater

    Benjamin SkaterNgày trước

    This video should be called "50 idiots try to make a waffle"

  8. prem 123

    prem 123Ngày trước


  9. Ashika Kumari

    Ashika KumariNgày trước

    Do these people get drunk before the shooting. I mean I've never even made a waffle but I know I won't mess up this bad.

  10. Daniella the Human

    Daniella the HumanNgày trước

    Shout out To the person who cleaned after everyone's mess,you a real one!

  11. Melanie Mendez

    Melanie MendezNgày trước

    I literally had to make these at 9 years old in the hotel breakfast bars wtf

  12. LEE

    LEENgày trước

    I literally got a headache

  13. Xiomeria Rogers the mermaid

    Xiomeria Rogers the mermaidNgày trước

    I am going to scream 😱. I just can’t

  14. GabeisGabe

    GabeisGabeNgày trước

    Imagine spending your life to become a professional chef and you get called in to make a f*cking waffle....

  15. Muslimahon Bahromova

    Muslimahon BahromovaNgày trước


  16. Super Toaster69

    Super Toaster69Ngày trước

    I like my waffle like me....,toasted 😂😂

  17. LetsTalkAbout Trends

    LetsTalkAbout TrendsNgày trước

    1:30 isn't that a level 2 chef?!?!

  18. Agatha z

    Agatha zNgày trước

    Who are these losers?

  19. Monkey Boy 420

    Monkey Boy 4202 ngày trước

    When i was 12 my mom taught me how to fry and their like 30 or 25 ish and doesnt even know how to make and operate a waffle pan like jesus

  20. DayBo T

    DayBo T2 ngày trước

    I’m the 1000th comment.... I feel useless

  21. Katie konopka

    Katie konopka2 ngày trước

    Wfw (wait for waffle)

  22. karen sarmiento

    karen sarmiento3 ngày trước


  23. George McAllister

    George McAllister3 ngày trước

    1:20 that aquaman

  24. Taka hiro

    Taka hiro3 ngày trước

    What am i doing here? I never eat it anyway

  25. Adriana Rivera

    Adriana Rivera3 ngày trước

    It’s not that hard to make a waffle I’m 11 and I can make one myself 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. NediahcGames

    NediahcGames3 ngày trước

    How do people not know how to make a waffle

  27. ZATZU twice

    ZATZU twice3 ngày trước

    3:32 i love his own style

  28. Danny Przedpelski

    Danny Przedpelski3 ngày trước

    4:37 who chews like that what's the noise

  29. Danny Przedpelski

    Danny Przedpelski3 ngày trước

    2:50 lesson learned here never make waffles again (I might be commenting to much)

  30. Miixx Ssausee

    Miixx Ssausee3 ngày trước

    White ppl:ITS DRIPPIN Black ppl:*takes its extra batter from the table*We dont waste

  31. alfie 26God

    alfie 26God3 ngày trước

    This is basically people from England trying to use a waffle maker

  32. N the Otaku

    N the Otaku3 ngày trước

    This is making me irrationally angry

  33. 7K Mads Heidtmann Mortensen Soeagerskolen

    7K Mads Heidtmann Mortensen Soeagerskolen3 ngày trước

    When I feel dumb I just watch these videos. Boom!! I’m Einstein

  34. Collins Muraya

    Collins Muraya3 ngày trước

    Why is there a random shirtless guy😂

  35. Ski Sko

    Ski Sko4 ngày trước

    This made me lose hope in humanity

  36. King Rthur

    King Rthur4 ngày trước

    Those waffles are awfully light

  37. tahuemahue TV

    tahuemahue TV4 ngày trước

    Why isnt anyone questioning the guy with no shirt under his apron

  38. Nicholas Mo

    Nicholas Mo4 ngày trước

    3:35 wtf

  39. James Bugado

    James Bugado4 ngày trước

    Oh god at first I saw no problem the remembered you just put a certain amount in the center

  40. Maddy me you Love

    Maddy me you Love4 ngày trước

    im only 10 years old and i know how to do these things

  41. Fisher Forsberg

    Fisher Forsberg4 ngày trước

    I’m tell I know how to work oneAnd I also know how to make every regular breakfast

  42. Jay Vang

    Jay Vang4 ngày trước

    Do these people not know that you can make 2 waffles...

  43. radnukespeoplesminds

    radnukespeoplesminds4 ngày trước

    why is that one dude cooking with no shirt on wtf

  44. Blam Shock

    Blam Shock4 ngày trước

    Maybe it's because of where I live or maybe this is staged but I feel like I'd of got this even though I've never used a waffle iron. It's just so weird to see people act so oblivious.

  45. Foxuniverso

    Foxuniverso4 ngày trước

    i honestly don't know if they're joking or dead serious ._.

  46. Will Obiajulu

    Will Obiajulu4 ngày trước

    0.56 😑🔫

  47. DeMaNd LokaL

    DeMaNd LokaL4 ngày trước

    I feel bad for whoevers has the as their grandma like god damn childhood ruined

  48. MardenDK

    MardenDK4 ngày trước

    3:32 how to make babies

  49. Mx1air

    Mx1air4 ngày trước

    Robert Ramsey batter stop waffling on in the next video

  50. Sohvi Suominen

    Sohvi Suominen4 ngày trước

    okay these people are really fcking dumb

  51. Christian Watts

    Christian Watts4 ngày trước

    people dont realize that they shouldnt have been created

  52. Taqi YAK

    Taqi YAK4 ngày trước

    R we gonna ignore the guy that was wearing the apron while he was naked

  53. Helena Mae

    Helena Mae4 ngày trước

    Natural selection please

  54. Minty Mocha

    Minty Mocha5 ngày trước

    92% spilled it out :|

  55. Luke Guest

    Luke Guest5 ngày trước

    Why is there a naked dude in there???? 😋

  56. Camilla Belle

    Camilla Belle5 ngày trước

    I’m literally 13 and can make a better waffle than some of them

  57. iiiBears iii

    iiiBears iii5 ngày trước

    3:35 I know I am not the only person wondering why he don’t have a shirt on

  58. Meryem Koch

    Meryem Koch5 ngày trước

    When you have the same waffle maker

  59. Gomo Shuping

    Gomo Shuping5 ngày trước

    Why is he not wearing a shirt?

  60. Gomo Shuping

    Gomo Shuping5 ngày trước

    This was sad to watch