50 People Try to Make a Quesadilla | Epicurious

Most of the steps in making a basic quesadilla are exceedingly... basic. And then there's the flip. Ah yes, the flip. Actually, the flip is pretty basic too, but apparently not for everybody. Watch as 50 people attempt to make a quesadilla. Can they master the flip?
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50 People Try to Make a Quesadilla | Epicurious


  1. KryptoXploits

    KryptoXploits19 giờ trước

    I hate when people call tortillas bread

  2. Frank Martinez

    Frank Martinez19 giờ trước

    0:23 this boy really said bread

  3. Euan Price

    Euan PriceNgày trước

    Making me miss working at taco Bell bro

  4. guilrito

    guilritoNgày trước


  5. Aidan Yono

    Aidan YonoNgày trước

    Did anybody realize that the grandmas stove wasn’t even on

  6. K T

    K T2 ngày trước

    Ain't nobody gonna ask why that guy is shirtless?

  7. Am Apple

    Am Apple2 ngày trước

    Quesadillas don't need two tortillas

  8. Grace Hunter

    Grace Hunter2 ngày trước

    are people this clueless?

  9. Krishnan Chinnapayan

    Krishnan Chinnapayan3 ngày trước

    I thought grannies were supposed to be good?I lost it when she put cheese STRAIGHT into the pan


    CHOCOLATE!3 ngày trước

    Wait I never use any butter or oil or anything and my quesadilla never sticks and it gets golden brown


    CHOCOLATE!3 ngày trước

    Lmaooo the boomer didn’t even have it on

  12. Montse Astorga

    Montse Astorga3 ngày trước

    Every Mexican watching this video (specially me) is thoroughly disturbed 😂

  13. Poya Kouchesfahani

    Poya Kouchesfahani3 ngày trước

    Why is that one dude always shirtless?

  14. Gees Momma

    Gees Momma4 ngày trước

    This one killed me 💀🤣

  15. Chucho

    Chucho5 ngày trước

    Well this isn't even a _quesadilla_ this is a freakin' adaptation of a *quesadilla*. So first The pan wouldn't be oiled You only use ONE tortilla and cheese ohhh boy only Oaxaca cheese (sort of Mexican mozzarella) and that's it easy pz And yes btw this comes out from experience

  16. Ban Dguz

    Ban Dguz6 ngày trước

    Grandma still doesn’t know how to do anything so sad 1like= 1 prayer for grandma

  17. Eduardo Monroy

    Eduardo Monroy6 ngày trước

    The shirtless black guy with the apron is the only one I trust on this one.

  18. iOS Prada

    iOS Prada8 ngày trước

    3:36 okay that’s a hard flex

  19. emma

    emma8 ngày trước

    She really flipped a open tortilla i-

  20. Leilani Perez

    Leilani Perez8 ngày trước

    put me on the show let me show em😤😤

  21. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell8 ngày trước

    This was super sad to watch 😂 how can you not make a quesadilla, seriously?! 😩🤣

  22. Timothy Borg

    Timothy Borg9 ngày trước

    These are grown adults. This is so... worrying

  23. Luis Franco

    Luis Franco9 ngày trước

    Currently laughing at everyone using a spatula to flip over the tortilla.

  24. Gg_launtis _67-The Golden Slime

    Gg_launtis _67-The Golden Slime10 ngày trước

    why does everyone want to teach? i wouldn't even try to do that lol

  25. Marcelino Chavez

    Marcelino Chavez10 ngày trước


  26. Joey Robinson

    Joey Robinson11 ngày trước

    How can you be a grown adult and not know how to cook a quesadilla!??!?

  27. Richard Yok

    Richard Yok11 ngày trước

    The happy music in the end just made my day!


    STOMCORE11 ngày trước

    "Make it as cheesy as a first date" Hahahahaha

  29. Helena

    Helena11 ngày trước

    Why tf would they oil the pan?!?! I’m from Spain, we use oil A LOT, but you don’t use oil here, my God

  30. I suck at everything in life

    I suck at everything in life12 ngày trước

    I feel so bad for grandma

  31. Sylox BTW

    Sylox BTW12 ngày trước

    Why do they make it look so complicated... I learned to make one at the age of 11

  32. Vickie Slate

    Vickie Slate12 ngày trước

    Oh cold cheese grams

  33. Vickie Slate

    Vickie Slate12 ngày trước

    I’ll just put the cheese in it FIRST you don’t use cheese FIRST

  34. Sebrina Shelton

    Sebrina Shelton12 ngày trước

    How tf has grandma lived this long, man? Does she eat? Is she a vampire? What is wrong with her?

  35. Pacooov

    Pacooov13 ngày trước

    As a Mexican Most of these offended me

  36. Christian Flores

    Christian Flores13 ngày trước

    They wear the same thing every vid

  37. Jo Caza

    Jo Caza13 ngày trước

    Nice to see white people TRYING to teach other how to make a Mexican dish... Next time get someone from the actual culture

  38. Kyle Dao

    Kyle Dao13 ngày trước

    “cuz then it would just be a dilla” *smiles*

  39. Yube _ yube

    Yube _ yube13 ngày trước

    I just wish that the one who showed how to properly do it was preferably mexican because the authentic way that mexicans do it would have been shown. Mexicans dont use oil because a tortilla never sticks to a pan, and it still gets really golden brown. We also dont use cheese blends we just use mozzarella. The only good thing about him was that he called it a tortilla instead of bread and put the cheese on half the tortilla and folded it

  40. Kinzhorses

    Kinzhorses13 ngày trước


  41. iiFun_nyii ola

    iiFun_nyii ola13 ngày trước

    1:20 Lil Nas X

  42. it'sAdrian

    it'sAdrian14 ngày trước

    Man these people dumb as hell

  43. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez14 ngày trước

    Me being raised as a Mexican kind of makes me cringe watching people put cheese on the pan first and not the tortilla.

  44. Nicolas Collazo

    Nicolas Collazo15 ngày trước

    Being a mexican 12 year old who only knows who to cook few things well (quesadilla being one of them)I am going to list the mistakes dont use oil use a comal use 1 tortilla not 2 2 is a syncronizada use Oaxaca cheese not cheddar the list goes on also use common sense dont put cheese in first😂

  45. Giorgia Ingrosso

    Giorgia Ingrosso15 ngày trước

    praticamente una piadina con il formaggio

  46. Mei Mew

    Mei Mew16 ngày trước

    what type of cheese can I put in a quesadilla?

  47. Miguel Angel Ramos

    Miguel Angel Ramos16 ngày trước

    Gringos, WTF???

  48. tuttifruitii22

    tuttifruitii2217 ngày trước

    I think all these people are trolling

  49. Yords

    Yords17 ngày trước

    Us real Mexicans know this isn’t a quesadilla

  50. Crystal Tenorio

    Crystal Tenorio18 ngày trước

    as a fellow mexican, this hurt my heart.

  51. Sergio Alcala

    Sergio Alcala18 ngày trước

    Did the professional chef put cheese on the untoasted part of the tortilla

  52. Claudia Medrano

    Claudia Medrano18 ngày trước

    Any regular Hispanic makes quesadillas better then the actual chef

  53. Wild_Playz 1

    Wild_Playz 118 ngày trước

    Who makes a quesadilla in a microwave? I make it in a COMAL. Edit: hol up oil on the pan? using a pan instead of a COMAL us MEXICANS use our hands to make the quesadillas and to flip them.

  54. ghg ghg

    ghg ghg18 ngày trước

    Do you see the dog face on this quesadilla too? 5:18

  55. Poop Butt

    Poop Butt19 ngày trước

    It looks so nasty

  56. mcdoddliz

    mcdoddliz19 ngày trước

    why is there a naked black guy in the video? 2:45

  57. DelioraChan UwU

    DelioraChan UwU19 ngày trước

    3:49 the only reason why I know what that is, is because of Food Wars 😂

  58. Alexis Armstead

    Alexis Armstead19 ngày trước

    real talk where do they find these people

  59. Bob The Joe

    Bob The Joe19 ngày trước

    I’m ten years old and I can cook a better quesadilla than these people

  60. CulturedCow 2

    CulturedCow 219 ngày trước

    Am I the only one that butters their quesadilla? I put butter on one side of the tortilla. Put it butter side down. Cheese. Put butter on tortilla. Tortilla butter side up. Then when I flip the butter help the other side cook.