50 People Try to Make an Over Easy Egg | Epicurious

Over easy may be the most classic way to make eggs other than than scrambled. But can you handle the flip? Watch as 50 people try to fry and flip an over easy egg!

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50 People Try to Make an Over Easy Egg | Epicurious


  1. Kosta Jankovic

    Kosta Jankovic4 giờ trước

    HOW DOES A GRANDMA NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK???????????????????


    LASULY WINTERFIRE15 giờ trước

    That's not cooked!

  3. Staerykim

    Staerykim22 giờ trước

    I got so confused when i saw the guy with the pink shirt first i was like “hes not supposed to be here till the 2nd half”

  4. Pineapple Taste

    Pineapple Taste23 giờ trước

    chickens:hmmm what video should i watch? Chickens:Oo this one! Chickens 3 min later:SUCIDE

  5. jC3drums

    jC3drums3 ngày trước

    I prefer butter over oil because I don't use a nonstick pan, and every time I tried oil, the eggs still stick. Plus, partially hydrogenated oils are bad for you. I pretty much only use butter, animal fat, or olive oil when I cook.

  6. Todd Thomas

    Todd Thomas4 ngày trước

    1:18 granny is obviously a pro chef working for Gordon Ramsey

  7. J b

    J b10 ngày trước

    💀I was doing this at 10

  8. Adriël.

    Adriël.12 ngày trước

    only way to fry an egg

  9. Penny Zhao

    Penny Zhao12 ngày trước

    Lol, ‘an over is egg..... first try’.

  10. BeanMarioCow

    BeanMarioCow13 ngày trước

    Did you only allow gay people to be in the vid?

  11. TotallyNot Trolling

    TotallyNot Trolling16 ngày trước

    Seriously what can these people do? Bet they have 2 brain cells

  12. Patrick Gamble

    Patrick Gamble17 ngày trước

    This video reminds me how our world sucks. Can’t even make an egg lol.

  13. I_luv_stranger Things

    I_luv_stranger Things21 ngày trước

    “We don’t need a spatula we can just flip it in the air🙂” .......I see why u r the one that does things correct other than a couple other people 😂☠️

  14. Amsyar Azman

    Amsyar Azman21 ngày trước

    1:57 did anyone notice?

  15. Don Pablo

    Don Pablo21 ngày trước

    Take that grandmas grandma card away


    PASTILANSOWEIRD22 ngày trước

    2:32 2:32 2:32 2:32 H31p

  17. Teapot Inc

    Teapot Inc23 ngày trước

    Granny is the end result of a society that nulled natural selection.

  18. Mariamm Malik

    Mariamm Malik24 ngày trước

    Man that grandma does not know how to cook a thing

  19. Toe of the Nail

    Toe of the Nail24 ngày trước

    Admit it, we all just wanted to watch them fail

  20. y0girlEmma

    y0girlEmma29 ngày trước

    I've been making eggs like that since I was 6 (I'm 14) its not that hard 😂

  21. BTS_ARMY

    BTS_ARMY29 ngày trước

    Random person: we don’t need a spatula, we can flip it in the air Me: *struggles to flip it with a spatula*

  22. In 99

    In 99Tháng trước

    *scrolls through comments at the beginning of the video looking for highlights and best or worst results*

  23. Katrina White

    Katrina WhiteTháng trước

    I've never heard of an over easy egg in the UK but you best believe I'm making one in the morning!

  24. Error 404: Channel not found

    Error 404: Channel not foundTháng trước

    bugs me that even the final guy isn't quite right. over easy = yolk runny, whites still a little runny or at least soft. over medium = whites cooked, yolks runny. over hard = both whites and yolk are cooked through. it's not hard to figure out.

  25. Morgan Vlogs Sometimes

    Morgan Vlogs SometimesTháng trước

    2:12 that is the most beautiful egg I have ever seen

  26. Ms. Yours

    Ms. YoursTháng trước

    2:11(perfect egg)

  27. leedalee 509

    leedalee 509Tháng trước

    how tf does someone not know what an over easy egg is

  28. Ginja Z Ninja

    Ginja Z NinjaTháng trước

    0:43, he did not just say extra calcium to an egg😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  29. Hawk Eye

    Hawk EyeTháng trước

    Grandma doesn't know how to flip eggs.... Yep scripted

  30. K nife

    K nifeTháng trước

    ok these have to be actors, no one is that inept at that age

  31. Apiseh Akondi

    Apiseh AkondiTháng trước

    Where do you find grown af people who don't know how to cook an egg

  32. TerraMerc 73

    TerraMerc 73Tháng trước

    Me : *watches this vid Also me : *realises robert ramsey is not here Also me again : *screams

  33. serhii ocean

    serhii oceanTháng trước

    Frank is just the best

  34. Kathleen5429

    Kathleen5429Tháng trước

    I’ve never used oil to cook an egg. WEEKEND BRUNCH - For myself, I cook Oscar Mayer bacon (low and slow) first, take the cooked bacon out from the pan and place the bacon on a paper towel to drain, and then I cook two eggs over medium, in the bacon drippings (yolk still runny but not oozy, if you know what I mean). Over easy is still a little too raw with the white of the egg for me. If you really want a treat, bake a baking potato in a 400 degree oven for an hour the night before. The next morning while your bacon is cooking, skin the potato and cut into uniform pieces. Sauté the potato in the bacon drippings with a little fresh diced onion. Cook your eggs in bacon drippings (if you have enough) or butter (Never use margarine or other substitutes). Make yourself a Bloody Mary and enjoy!

  35. Thaís Chinelatto

    Thaís ChinelattoTháng trước

    2:21 savage

  36. poodlecupsfive

    poodlecupsfiveTháng trước

    Lmao tell them Over medium or psychopaths eat over hard

  37. SickedOut

    SickedOutTháng trước

    I love how the total cooking noobs are first and then the experienced cookers come later.

  38. Heidi Ahrens

    Heidi AhrensTháng trước

    It’s sad how many of these people can’t make a simple over easy egg...

  39. Maria Abundez

    Maria AbundezTháng trước

    I’ve never heard a full grown man reference an egg as ‘sunny side up’ 😂

  40. Maria Abundez

    Maria AbundezTháng trước

    Imagine being a professional chef to be called to make an over easy egg 😂