50 People Tell Us Which Word Their State Always Mispronounces | Culturally Speaking

We asked 50 people, one from each state in the U.S., to tell us which word people from their home state have a habit mispronouncing. If you enjoy a cold glass of "wourder" on a summer day, you'll get the "idear" right away.
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50 People Tell Us Which Word Their State Always Mispronounces | Culturally Speaking


  1. SteelWarrior115

    SteelWarrior115Giờ trước


  2. Leo Wolf

    Leo Wolf11 giờ trước

    It’s pronounced like “woder” though

  3. not today

    not today17 giờ trước

    Not enough Boston accent.

  4. RandomKid217

    RandomKid21721 giờ trước

    0:58 You gotta park the car and have it young and give the girl a quarter for some chowder.

  5. Lia Byrd

    Lia Byrd23 giờ trước

    This Maryland lady lets me down every time 😒 My vote goes for: warsh (wash), Merlin (Maryland), sahyerdee (Saturday), Muva (mother)- the list goes on.

  6. vRiqo

    vRiqoNgày trước

    They need to bring a black Floridian and he just gonna be like I need some WOO DER or WOAHDUH

  7. Lawrence Minister

    Lawrence MinisterNgày trước

    Ohioions tend to call Milk “Melk”

  8. Kyoumi Masuhara

    Kyoumi MasuharaNgày trước

    These seem more personal to individuals than a states worth of people...

  9. Surii_

    Surii_Ngày trước

    Here in michigan. The letter "T" doesnt exist.

  10. Harper Embry

    Harper Embry2 ngày trước

    IN Virginia, I don't think we say nah-fulk, I think our word is style. stah is what we say

  11. this channel is BACK ON

    this channel is BACK ON2 ngày trước

    Alabama- probably is "prawbley", qaurter is "qaurdar", door is "dowar", as well as every soda is just refered to a " "coke" or "a coke".

  12. 송지히

    송지히3 ngày trước

    As a Tennessean I have never heard someone say “winder” instead of “window”

  13. Chad Coley

    Chad Coley3 ngày trước

    Brad! ❤️

  14. Justen Heald

    Justen Heald3 ngày trước

    Theres like 6 other accents across new york state. Why is the city the only place represented in these videos?

  15. ayyliejun

    ayyliejun3 ngày trước

    West virginia dude really said |

  16. あおかけす

    あおかけす3 ngày trước

    utahns: mouin instead of mountain

  17. Shuby Dooby

    Shuby Dooby3 ngày trước

    georgia? who’s she?

  18. Chantel Izer

    Chantel Izer3 ngày trước

    My grandmother and aunt have always said Worsh-ington and it glued to me. Lately I've been trying to correct myself when ever I say Washington.

  19. The Intelligent Zombie

    The Intelligent Zombie4 ngày trước

    Also in louisiana, Every street and city name lmao

  20. clicking on rocks

    clicking on rocks4 ngày trước


  21. Manny Quijada Rodriguez

    Manny Quijada Rodriguez4 ngày trước

    Try telling a nebraskian to say shoulder

  22. Nuklear Reaktor

    Nuklear Reaktor4 ngày trước

    GEET = Did you eat? 🤯🤯🤯

  23. Carrie Hebert

    Carrie Hebert4 ngày trước

    Nope!! The name is Hebert, not Herbert..... Pronounced "Abare" or "HeBert".. but never heRbert... (my last name.)

  24. King Irene

    King Irene5 ngày trước

    no one: pennsylvania: DJEET.

  25. savi savi

    savi savi5 ngày trước

    Braaad in thumbnail..

  26. Oliver

    Oliver6 ngày trước

    They missed Nebraska

  27. Dank Meme

    Dank Meme6 ngày trước

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: North Dakotans: North Dakoooooooooooooooota

  28. Rikkilover17

    Rikkilover176 ngày trước

    So no Georgia?

  29. Brains00007

    Brains000076 ngày trước

    Utahns say the days of the week weirdly. Like Wednesday is pronounced “wensdee”. Also, mirror is one syllable in Utah, like “meer”

  30. MerpDaDerp830

    MerpDaDerp8306 ngày trước

    I don’t really mispronounce stuff, guess I just drop letters and drop ending of words and smash sentences into one long word. Sometimes I talk so fast that people don’t understand me... it’s a hard life

  31. Johnny Tsunami

    Johnny Tsunami7 ngày trước

    If are born and raised in Washington and still say “Wershington” slap yourself..

  32. Sam Wolfenstein

    Sam Wolfenstein7 ngày trước

    i just realized that i never actually say "button" or "mountain" fully. i just sort of put an emphasis on where the hard t sound should be and say "moun in" and "buh in", and it just sort of sounds like i'm using the hard t.

  33. Anna Adkins

    Anna Adkins7 ngày trước

    In Kentucky, it’s Nutella. A ton of people think it’s NUTella but it’s official that it’s NOOTella and I hate it so much

  34. Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson7 ngày trước


  35. Daniel GenX6887 Harrison

    Daniel GenX6887 Harrison7 ngày trước

    I've also heard people pronounce days of the week like Mondee and Tuesdee. I used to pronounce crayon like crown. I used to think sphere and sphinx was spere and spinx. I pronounce lawyer just as it's spelled instead of the New York way.

  36. Live Positively

    Live Positively8 ngày trước

    Mr. Utah doesn’t ever say anything. 😂

  37. Cam Hane

    Cam Hane8 ngày trước

    verdict: colorado is the cool kid of all the states

  38. ok

    ok8 ngày trước

    In Georgia we say "crowns," instead of "crayons" because we say it really fast; we want our crowns. Also I say libary, don't know if it's just me but I can never correct it.

  39. Tom McDermott

    Tom McDermott9 ngày trước

    It's true; we Norfolkians detect imposters and spies by how they pronounce our city name.

  40. Jessie Brader

    Jessie Brader9 ngày trước

    Pa, it's never Creek, it's crick. Also "ya-eight djuu?"

  41. msmx music

    msmx music9 ngày trước

    0:47 the rest of america: same

  42. Bella Tabor

    Bella Tabor10 ngày trước


  43. Bella Tabor

    Bella Tabor10 ngày trước

    Michigan girl, that happens to everyone!

  44. Tepi

    Tepi10 ngày trước

    Pennsylvania, as a whole, doesn't actively mispronounce a lot, but go to Philly... water is "WOOD-er," orange is "ARR-unj," and there are some others. "Jeet yet?" for "Did you eat yet?" is totally accurate. And there are other phrases. "Joo go down the shore?" is "Did you go down to the (Jersey) shore?" (Oh, and it's only ever referred to as Jersey, NEVER New Jersey). "Let's go have a catch," means that someone wants to PLAY catch. The suburb of Philly in which I grew up, Norristown, even has its own accent, which I started noticing sometime in high school. It's hard to put a finger on what it is precisely, but there's a certain amount of nasally brightness to everything that's said. And so far as expressions go, there are a lot of relgiously-tinged curses that, I guess, are maybe meant to circumnavigate not taking the Lord's name in vain, but doing so anyway. Exasperated? "Lordgimmestrength," or something like that.

  45. Katie Miller

    Katie Miller11 ngày trước

    For once the Colorado guy is spot-on. We say "moun'in" and "buddon" and just generally don't pronounce t's.

  46. Arianna Slupik

    Arianna Slupik11 ngày trước

    In LA they say “the-EY-ter” instead of theater and it drives me insane

  47. Luna kitty Animations

    Luna kitty AnimationsNgày trước

    I have not heard one person who has said that, what people do you hang around?

  48. Elizabeth K

    Elizabeth K12 ngày trước

    People in Illinois mispronounce Illinois as "Ellinois" lmao

  49. Mason Taylor

    Mason Taylor12 ngày trước

    Nobody says Illi-noise or Oreg-ON

  50. Gucky Ducky

    Gucky Ducky12 ngày trước

    2:02 I’m gonna thank this lady for pointing out the obvious that triggers my OCD

  51. Alieza Renee'

    Alieza Renee'12 ngày trước

    Do you not pronounce Illinois without the s at the end? 🤔

  52. imthebrush72 things

    imthebrush72 things12 ngày trước

    NC says : care-ah-mel instead of car-mel As a indianian, (used to live in indiana for 6 years) ive seen in NC they have a accent, they say "yall" instead of "you all" they say a mix of "theee" and "thuh", and they say "crown" instead of "crayon".

  53. Compadre Gildory Twinkle-Sparks

    Compadre Gildory Twinkle-Sparks13 ngày trước

    "I don't think there is a word we mispronounce" meanwhile the California guy mispronounces mispronounce.

  54. Drake Gabe

    Drake Gabe13 ngày trước

    That Hawaiian person looks like she’s lived there 3 weeks and says she’s lived there her whole life

  55. Immortal Legend

    Immortal Legend13 ngày trước

    These are the words I mispronounce on purpose, however I'm Californian I don't know if these are the words my state says but I'm sure other states might have this in their word sentences. Fosho Aight Alri Ion know Prolly

  56. JJolla

    JJolla13 ngày trước

    Watching just to see what my state said wrong Edit: my state wasn't here :( where the Wisconsinites at

  57. Kaydence Zimmerman

    Kaydence Zimmerman13 ngày trước

    I'm in New York I say bagel like Bae gal and I say caramel like the way it is spelled and like Carmel

  58. Joshua Hossack

    Joshua Hossack14 ngày trước

    Nobody on the east coast says OregON. We pronounce it as it should be pronounced.

  59. The mad lad

    The mad lad14 ngày trước

    Oklahoma just makes up words.

  60. Audrey Time

    Audrey Time15 ngày trước

    Why wasn’t Georgia in this

  61. wizard frog man

    wizard frog man15 ngày trước

    Michigan lady didn't even say MEER that's what we say instead of MIRROR