50 People Try to Slice a Mango | Epicurious

How do you cut, slice and serve a mango? We asked 50 (yes, fifty) people and got...well, a variety of techniques - and fifty different approaches to mangoes...
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50 People Try to Slice a Mango | Epicurious


  1. Paul Manalo

    Paul Manalo12 giờ trước

    these people are either stupid or pretending to be stupid either way its both stupidity

  2. Ban Dguz

    Ban Dguz16 giờ trước

    Pour grandma still doesn’t know how to do anything

  3. Michael D'souza

    Michael D'souza17 giờ trước

    All these are all set up.

  4. Elite Official

    Elite OfficialNgày trước

    It’s an *e g g*

  5. Faradina Nabila

    Faradina NabilaNgày trước

    Well... If the failed people in half of this video were tried to cut an avocado mango (the rather new type of mango in Indonesia), they probably nailed it. Just cut like avocado but do it horizontal, twist, and pull it. The flesh is easy to separated from the seed. If you want to eat it just scoop with spoon, no need to peel it

  6. JAmes BoND 007

    JAmes BoND 0072 ngày trước

    Only America is capable of having people who can revolutionize the world and people who can't peel a frickin mango

  7. Karen Benneth Loverio

    Karen Benneth Loverio2 ngày trước

    You havent seen a really really yellow ripe one..its harder to slice hahaha

  8. Pauline Gabutero

    Pauline Gabutero2 ngày trước

    I can’t believe that grandma is a grandma

  9. Jung Deer

    Jung Deer2 ngày trước

    I feel bad for the mangoes on first :(((

  10. Stephanie Santiago

    Stephanie Santiago3 ngày trước

    Why are they not eating the peel? Am I the only one that eats the peel? Also that guy that said “Yea I’m a immigrant we come with these.” That’s such a beautiful statement. I don’t know why but I felt proud of all the food that comes from my country

  11. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face5 ngày trước

    Does anyone like sour mangos like me or no?

  12. Óscar Zamora Amengual

    Óscar Zamora Amengual5 ngày trước

    Aqui con mi primo luca

  13. sweet spicy

    sweet spicy11 ngày trước

    *How spoiled brats are these people , man* 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. Glen christian Alli

    Glen christian Alli11 ngày trước

    I know how to cut a mango because I'm pilipino.

  15. Racoon Moba

    Racoon Moba12 ngày trước

    i fill so mad watching this video

  16. Hannah Lairson

    Hannah Lairson13 ngày trước

    *its an egg*

  17. Work Out

    Work Out13 ngày trước

    Hold up 1:00 what's blue shirt guy doing in this part? 1:39 WAIT this is the first time he has ever done something correctly WHAT IS GOING ON

  18. Work Out

    Work Out13 ngày trước

    Have they... never eaten a mango?

  19. bailey dyer

    bailey dyer14 ngày trước

    A mango is now an *EGG* 😂😂😂😂

  20. VALE

    VALE14 ngày trước

    Me a filipino: T h e e x p e r t

  21. Jeniece Germain

    Jeniece Germain15 ngày trước

    yup thats me at 3:43

  22. KXD

    KXD15 ngày trước

    where do they find these people and how are they still alive and not in jail

  23. yerovi86

    yerovi8618 ngày trước

    I showed this to my girlfriend hoping she’d laugh at these clueless people just like I did. She said “what’s that? A coconut?” 😳 I think I need a new girlfriend

  24. Something Else

    Something Else18 ngày trước

    It is not an egg idiot

  25. D _

    D _20 ngày trước

    3:38😌exactly my dear 😂😂 ain't nobody got time for all that peeling and dicing 😂

  26. i am not a bot

    i am not a bot20 ngày trước

    0:59 why u there?!

  27. i am not a bot

    i am not a bot20 ngày trước

    "I'm a half Filipino, this is gold to me. "

  28. waheeda shah

    waheeda shah22 ngày trước

    Dear people, The object you held is a fruit called MANGO(biological name: Mangifera indica).It is also called the king of fruits.

  29. Never Again

    Never Again22 ngày trước

    "an egg"

  30. i am cute jeans

    i am cute jeans22 ngày trước

    r they even human

  31. Syahrul Friza

    Syahrul Friza23 ngày trước

    Wtf is manggo nop alfokado

  32. Jessica Jean-Francois

    Jessica Jean-Francois23 ngày trước

    They are murdering my mangos😭😰😖😱..All the mangos meat they are wasting😭

  33. Nerd Central

    Nerd Central24 ngày trước

    the amount of people trying to cut it like an avocado-

  34. Funny ;w; Honey

    Funny ;w; Honey25 ngày trước

    "Im half philipino this is gold to me" Me: *same*

  35. yoshi tink

    yoshi tink27 ngày trước

    LMAO, make more basic skills videos guys! 😂

  36. Tanmay Kesarkar

    Tanmay KesarkarTháng trước

    0:14 It's an egg... I'm dead 😂😂😂

  37. Syiqa Nash

    Syiqa NashTháng trước

    I’m just speechless. I’m sad for all the mangoes 🥭

  38. zeitmeister

    zeitmeisterTháng trước

    You can't treat mango like most other fruits. It's oblong and that pit has a weird radiating density of fiber. The flesh is really slippery. You won't know that if you've never seen or eaten it.

  39. H. D

    H. DTháng trước

    This made me feel uncomfortable... a) they couldn't tell it was a mango b) they couldn't cut it properly

  40. sourav more

    sourav moreTháng trước

    Are they paid to be dumb or are they really that dumb ?

  41. Fickle Me

    Fickle MeTháng trước

    Indian style: bite of the top, and suck it.

  42. Neil John Disto

    Neil John DistoTháng trước

    I lived in a province in the phillipines and the're like vaisndpdjshsknshdo hahahahhaa

  43. Dulce Mendoza

    Dulce MendozaTháng trước

    I always wonder how the old lady survived all these years without knowing basic cooking lol

  44. Shristi Debnath

    Shristi DebnathTháng trước

    Man... What? How can you not know how to cut a mango 😒

  45. Azeren Orikawa

    Azeren OrikawaTháng trước


  46. Donnetta Ross

    Donnetta RossTháng trước

    But anyway all of us peels mangles differently

  47. Donnetta Ross

    Donnetta RossTháng trước

    Some of you guys don't know how to peel a mango you do not shave like the mango you cut it in the middle take out the seed and then just slice it and eat it

  48. cheff 007 inthekitchen

    cheff 007 inthekitchenTháng trước

    This must be a joke

  49. Isabel

    IsabelTháng trước

    "Can I just do it like an avocado??" 😑😑

  50. Clarice Carvalho

    Clarice CarvalhoTháng trước

    I am from Brazil and never in my life have I heard that expression

  51. Anggita Cahyaningrum

    Anggita CahyaningrumTháng trước

    I can't believe I just burst laugh out loud as I'm watching these 😂🤣🤣🤣 thank you epicurious for making me better abt myself and show me the right way

  52. blueeyedbaer

    blueeyedbaerTháng trước

    Mango isn't my favourite fruit. It tastes like turpentine. It's not exactly the taste but if you've ever smelled turpentine you know what I mean.

  53. TheKillBot 17

    TheKillBot 17Tháng trước

    0:13 'it's an egg' I am severely dissapointed

  54. Exantus Evensy

    Exantus EvensyTháng trước

    The best way to eat is to bite and peel😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Adriël.

    Adriël.Tháng trước

    literally, who needs a knife??

  56. lightningbolt750

    lightningbolt750Tháng trước

    3:43 DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY "you have to try it"???????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. lightningbolt750

    lightningbolt750Tháng trước

    0:12 *stares at mango* *Stares harder* "ItS aN eGg"

  58. lightningbolt750

    lightningbolt750Tháng trước

    0:01 wait so are u telling me that in ur 50+ years of life, u have NEVER seen a mango while I'm only 15 and ate them probably 3725293629 times in my life and know how to peel them?

  59. Mr. Bagel Seeds

    Mr. Bagel SeedsTháng trước

    I don’t slice them, I just peel the skin off by biting a piece off then eat out like that or sometimes if I’m lazy enough I just eat the skin too, never in the yellow mangos though, the skin on those are nasty

  60. Morgan

    MorganTháng trước

    I am emotionally hurt by the fact they gave them the green mangos instead of the sweet orange and red ones

  61. Burdy M

    Burdy MTháng trước

    So we can establish this old lady can’t cook at all lol