4 Levels of Brownies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

How do you like your brownies? Gooey? Cakey? We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of the brownie. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which brownie was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/bourbon-salted-caramel-brownie-recipe
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4 Levels of Brownies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Diogo Castro

    Diogo Castro5 giờ trước

    the level 3 chef sounded like sarah silverman :)

  2. darika aitimbetova

    darika aitimbetova7 giờ trước

    level 1: im a level 1 chef level 2: im a level 2 chef level 3: i grew the wheat to make this flour, i raised the cow that made this butter, i flew to nigeria to hand pick the cocoa bean that made this cocoa powder, for i have been perfecting this recipe, nay, masterpiece since i was in my mother's womb

  3. Mr. Wolfy

    Mr. Wolfy13 giờ trước

    I like the home cook just right not to sugary and not a little of sugar

  4. Harvey Winter

    Harvey Winter16 giờ trước

    No joke level one looks the best

  5. Julia R

    Julia RNgày trước

    All the brownies I have made, always in recipe they melt butter and chocolate together. You can't compare sth made on cocoa powder and chocolate.

  6. Samurai Yoshi

    Samurai YoshiNgày trước

    are we not gonna talk about how the level 3 chef actually has a personality

  7. Baby Thanos

    Baby ThanosNgày trước

    lvl 1: cakey brownies lvl 2: fudgy and cakey lvl 3: FUDGY

  8. XsoulcraftX

    XsoulcraftX2 ngày trước

    I’m sorry but as a home chef, the way level one used a fork jus😷🤢she used a for🤢🤢then she poured the coco powd🤢🤢🤮I’m sorry I can’t right now

  9. TheREALTiPPiDa

    TheREALTiPPiDa3 ngày trước

    "Very Chocolatey"... oh.. stop you hehe. *Blushes


    HAJA KOROMA3 ngày trước

    These level one chefs are monsters.

  11. Derp Derp

    Derp Derp3 ngày trước

    When you allergic to chocolate and watch this 😭😭😭😭😭(I don't even know why I watched it 😭😭😭😭😭)

  12. Karis Lavalle

    Karis Lavalle4 ngày trước

    Elisa makes level 1 and level 2 look so dumb. But hey that's what all pros do.

  13. Karis Lavalle

    Karis Lavalle4 ngày trước

    2:00 Busted

  14. IsabelliYume SP

    IsabelliYume SP4 ngày trước

    I always stop watching when lvl 4 starts talking | | | | | |

  15. Y*A*R*E*L*I

    Y*A*R*E*L*I4 ngày trước

    Why is it always the level two cooks the best

  16. i miss woojin

    i miss woojin5 ngày trước

    girl ada’s sounds the best😳

  17. Eoghan Jones

    Eoghan Jones5 ngày trước

    I will start by going to my local tesco to buy a brownie so I don’t have to make it

  18. Ryan Petner

    Ryan Petner5 ngày trước

    This is my brownie recipe I made myself: dark , semi sweet, and milk chocolate, espresso powder, Dutch coco powder, butter (I’m thinking about browning it just to see how it tastes than just melted butter) eggs, sugar, dark and light brown sugar, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, natural coco powder, then get a thick semi sweet chocolate bar and cut it into chunks, put half the batter into a pan, put half those chunks on top of it, put on the rest of the batter, and put the rest of the chunks on it. U can add caramel if ud like.

  19. Travis Colella

    Travis Colella6 ngày trước

    Why are the blacks chefs always level 1?

  20. Gage Williams

    Gage Williams6 ngày trước

    Mostly girls

  21. gabriel

    gabriel6 ngày trước

    ada is my eternal mood

  22. Am Nigelie

    Am Nigelie6 ngày trước

    *excuse me where is Emily with her ketchup*

  23. Weird Gamer

    Weird Gamer7 ngày trước

    Every video except for this one: Level 2 chef's looks the best

  24. imemahlyee

    imemahlyee7 ngày trước

    im hungry now ok bye

  25. Slushiey

    Slushiey7 ngày trước

    I kinda feel bad for the level 3 chef...i just get the vibe she was picked on in school...idk y...i just feel like she was🤔🤔🤔

  26. Orangypie

    Orangypie8 ngày trước

    Level 420: Pot brownies

  27. xX FeuerHerz Xx

    xX FeuerHerz Xx8 ngày trước

    Ad:"everything about getting old and weak is left out" Me:"why won't you just let me watch my cooking video? "

  28. Hiraimai *

    Hiraimai *8 ngày trước

    Anthony is my dream dad

  29. Munkhjargal Jambalsuren

    Munkhjargal Jambalsuren8 ngày trước

    Amount of sugar in the brownies basically giving me diabetes

  30. girl interrupted

    girl interrupted9 ngày trước

    When it comes to brownies, I'm generally a purist. But damn, I wouldn't mind one of Elisa's. Yum😋

  31. Zkittlez Sauze

    Zkittlez Sauze10 ngày trước

    i’m sorry is it just me, or Adas brownies look best.

  32. OwU

    OwU10 ngày trước

    Is there half a cheesecake in those brownies?

  33. pwincess flam go

    pwincess flam go10 ngày trước

    *This is the one video that the home cook's food doesn't look the best*

  34. humera shaikh

    humera shaikh10 ngày trước

    I thought that the pro chef was 30 years of age till she said "I have been a pro chef for 20years" !!

  35. Comp1810 C

    Comp1810 C10 ngày trước

    Level 1 Chef is supposed to buy a brownie mix...she is clearly a level 1.5 chef.

  36. Wyatt Troup

    Wyatt Troup11 ngày trước


  37. Francis Griffith

    Francis Griffith11 ngày trước

    Level 2 looks like the weather guy on the news that's always get sent to places with stormy weather

  38. M S.

    M S.11 ngày trước


  39. Marcus Morton

    Marcus Morton11 ngày trước

    Why does dan look like a Ryan Reynolds look like

  40. Marcus Morton

    Marcus Morton11 ngày trước

    I mean Anthony

  41. Scarlet He

    Scarlet He12 ngày trước

    "I'm Elisa and I've been a proffesional chef(at least that's what i thought she said) for over 20 years." Me:Damn

  42. Mason Chen

    Mason Chen12 ngày trước

    3:22 “Very choclatey “. “Ah yes, the floor is made of floor”.

  43. Trey Angelosante

    Trey Angelosante13 ngày trước

    The level three chef reminds me of Emily with her personality

  44. Nathan D'mello

    Nathan D'mello13 ngày trước

    They all forgot to add the important ingredient......love, AKA "Marijuana"

  45. The Sun is a deadly laser

    The Sun is a deadly laser14 ngày trước

    Level 3 chefs: I sInGLe HaNdEdLy MaDe A fEaSt FoR tHe QuEeN oF eNgLaNd

  46. The Sun is a deadly laser

    The Sun is a deadly laser14 ngày trước

    1 handful 2 handfuls Maybe a little more You get a chip, you get a chip *everyone felt that*

  47. VVM

    VVM14 ngày trước

    And I like MY brownies with weed

  48. Rares Andrei Lazar 4 Varagårdsskolan

    Rares Andrei Lazar 4 Varagårdsskolan15 ngày trước

    level 1 chef: normal level 2 chef: some more stuff level 3 chef: *I LIKE TO MAKE BROWNIES WITH GOLDEN SUGAR IN A GOLDEN PAN MADE IN 1928 BY KIDNAPPED CHILDREN WHILE MAKING PANS*

  49. M

    M15 ngày trước

    Producers: Ada you know that expression give yourself a pat on the back? Ada: say no more

  50. resmen81

    resmen8115 ngày trước

    Ada's brownies look the nicest

  51. _ duckie _

    _ duckie _16 ngày trước

    First time level 3 looked good! IMPROVMENTS!!

  52. Bushy Playz

    Bushy Playz16 ngày trước

    "20👀 years" Alisha -2019

  53. Luke White

    Luke White17 ngày trước

    The level 2 is the definition of white

  54. Candace Perera

    Candace Perera17 ngày trước

    is it just me or does the level 3 chef sound like mila kunis 😂💀

  55. Carlos Valencia

    Carlos Valencia18 ngày trước

    I don't know neither do I care but I always stop watching before the science person come on.

  56. Sven Lima

    Sven Lima18 ngày trước

    I'm surprised that nobody puts crushed/chopped walnuts into the paste. It's an essential ingredience!

  57. Adelaide

    Adelaide19 ngày trước

    Not gonna lie, this level 1 was annoying

  58. Risa

    Risa20 ngày trước

    Am i the only one who thinks the level 3 chef's voice sounds like Jackie (Mila Kunis) from that 70's show?

  59. Kip Bennett

    Kip Bennett20 ngày trước

    Whenever I see a level 1 chef other than Emily: Ight imma head out

  60. Karishma Prema

    Karishma Prema20 ngày trước

    Amatauer classic brownie Homecook powdered sugar Pro icecream and carmel

  61. Joseph Napolitano

    Joseph Napolitano21 ngày trước

    The level 3 lady is a good looking lady but her voice is annoying